Orbs Ecosystem Expansion into ‘Internet of Blockchains’ Polygon

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by Julia Sakovich · 2 min read
Orbs Ecosystem Expansion into ‘Internet of Blockchains’ Polygon
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Orbs allows developers to test their projects risk-free to discover if the Orbs technology stack is right for their individual needs.

Two integral parts of the crypto realm are now coming together to propel the blockchain into new dimensions. Orbs, the hybrid open-source blockchain infrastructure, which offers a practical blockchain solution promising competitive fees, isolation between apps and smart contracts in any language, and Polygon, which is fast growing into a leading Layer-2 solution on Ethereum

For Orbs, integration into the Polygon network is an obvious next step for this ambitious project. ORBS holders can now easily transition their ERC20 tokens directly on to Polygon, using this link.

Polygon, Framework for Building and Connecting Ethereum-compatible Blockchain Networks

Polygon is leading the way when it comes to the emergence of Decentralized Finance apps. Polygon whose market cap is growing exponentially is a hub for the scaling of Ethereum and the place to develop its infrastructure. Polygon has the power to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain network. Polygon’s focus lies in scalability of the entire chain infrastructure, it does this by transacting an incredible 65,000 TPS using a side chain, with the ability to transition tokens on to the main Ethereum network at any time. It takes advantage of both the speed of the side chain and the deep liquidity of Ethereum.

Orbs, Open and Transparent Network for Enterprises

Orbs stands to benefit greatly from its link with the Polygon, bringing exposure to the ORBS token, and it has already seen a rise in on-chain activity as a result of this collaboration.

For developers, Orbs allows them to test their projects risk-free to discover if the Orbs technology stack is right for their individual needs. It allows them to build solutions that can bring real business value and scale across multiple chains in order to run isolated apps in parallel with the capability of computing millions of transactions.

The future of the crypto and blockchain realm lies in new partnerships, collaborations and an ever-deepening expansion of networks, which brings a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

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