onPlanet Announces a Game-Changing Crypto Ecosystem for DeFi Wealth Creation

January 17th, 2022 at 12:08 pm UTC · 3 min read

The onPlanet dApp is an ecosystem envisioned by seasoned tech professionals for crypto enthusiasts, creators, and investors to connect and grow the industry.

With the onPlanet dApp, crypto projects and digital creators scale to their full potential.

Using a simple interface, users can attract a following with NFT subscription models, support their brand growth with Creator Tokens, or just launch their own token on chains such as Binance, ETH, or Solano.

Unlike other launchpads, onPlanet reaches across the divide and brings crypto to the masses with a social experience accessible both through wallets and the regular web.

Whether it’s a gem finder using NFTs for subscriber access and perks, a digital artist offering airdrops and rewards with Creator tokens, or a defi project eager to launch their own token, onPlanet makes it simple to create, share, and achieve those goals.

The following are additional features of the onPlanet platform:

It is a launchpad: An incubator to build teams, raise funds, launch tokens, and promote your project. onPlanet gets behind successful pre-sales with funding rewards and a path to DEX listing.

It is also a wealth of knowledge: For real-time alerts, multi-channel AMAs, dApp wide ACAs (ask community anything), and social posting of exclusive alpha, analysis and tutorials. Any user can create a profile or project and monetize their content on onPlanet.

It showcases gem finders, analysts, influencers and creatives. NFTs and Creator Tokens are for building brands and connecting with your audience. NFTs can monitor and automate access and rewards, while Creator tokens can represent fractional investments and holder perks.

It is a decentralized social network: onPlanet integrates crypto standards – like Twitch, Telegram and Discord – allowing the community to participate in AMAs (ask me anything) and ACAs (Ask the Community Anything).

A Chance to Get $OP Tokens at a 20% Discount

$OP Token will serve as the backbone of the onPlanet ecosystem. It is a BSC BEP-20 token with hyper-deflationary mechanics to provide holders with long-term value and exceptional returns. The primary use cases of $OP include native token staking incentives and pairing of Creator Tokens. In addition, it also rewards users through the Grant Pool. Creators who use their $OP tokens to build their following, raise funds and launch their own Creator Tokens will receive more $OP rewards.

onPlanet IDO token sale will begin on []. The team has allocated 500 million (50% of total supply) $OP tokens for the public sale and a further 200 million tokens for the pre-sale. About 250 applicants will be selected to participate in the $OP token Pre-Sale for a chance to purchase $OP tokens at a 20% discount. So head over to their website to fill out the form necessary to hop on the whitelist.

After listing $OP on Pancakeswap, the team will initiate a series of measures to increase the token price and help maintain its stability. These include:

  • Buy-back and Burn system that allows the team to purchase tokens on the open market and add to the liquidity pool, allowing $OP holders to make substantial gains
  • Hyper-Burns – Our revolutionary system allows an on-platform activity to influence the $OP token price directly. For example, when a partner app achieves project milestones, hits new subscriber benchmarks, etc., the $OP hyper burn is initiated, and holders benefit from additional massive burns of OP tokens.
  • Grants – The OP Grant wallet facilitates staking & pairing of Creator Tokens with $OP, BNB, and USDT.

For a detailed roadmap and further information, visit their website and join their Telegram community, Twitter, and Discord to stay updated about the upcoming IDO.



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