OpenAI Introduces Canva Plugin to ChatGPT Plus Subscribers to Enhance Content Creation

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OpenAI Introduces Canva Plugin to ChatGPT Plus Subscribers to Enhance Content Creation
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Through the integration, ChatGPT Plus users can use Canva’s pre-existing wide range of templates to customize their requirements.

The high demand for fast and seamless artificial intelligence (AI) services has pushed OpenAI to develop infrastructure to help onboard mainstream users around the world. In the latest developments, OpenAI has integrated with Canva Plugin to enable ChatGPT Plus users to create logos and banners, among many other visual products. Notably, ChatGPT users are expected to activate the Canva plugin by first downloading it from the plug-in store and installing it for access.

Canva and ChatGPT

With the new integration, ChatGPT Plus users can simply describe the visual product they want to create. The Canva plug-in enables ChatGPT plus users to create visual products for any social media platforms including Instagram, X, and Facebook, among others.

OpenAI has enabled ChatGPT plus users to edit the Canva visual products to their desired modifications. Worth noting that the Canva plug-in integration with ChatGPT does not enable text-to-image generators like Midjourney, instead uses Canva’s pre-existing, wide range of templates.

OpenAI has provided ChatGPT users with a wide range of image generation options in a bid to give them value for money. Furthermore, other emerging competitive AI products like Claude AI can read PDFs, and Google’s Bard.

OpenAI and ChatGPT’s Market Outlook

The American AI research laboratory has attracted significant attention following the notable hype in the emerging industry. Earlier this year, OpenAI made headlines after Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) made a $10 billion investment to enable developers and organizations to access the best curated AI infrastructure through Azure. Meanwhile, OpenAI has made tremendous progress in bringing AI to the general public across different professions.

For instance, OpenAI released guidelines for teachers on how to use ChatGPT in classrooms last week. Moreover, ChatGPT can help teachers come up with creative lesson plans, and also break the language barrier between students and the teachers.

The company also recently launched its ChatGPT Enterprise to offer enterprise-grade security and privacy with unlimited access to higher speed in ChatGPT-4. Moreover, OpenAI Zh has recorded a huge influx of organizations, especially Fortune 500 companies seeking to scale their operations through AI. As a result, ChatGPT has been used across the world to cut down the research time, hence increasing the total output and efficiency.

OpenAI is en route to widening its revenue collection through the subscription of ChatGPT. Currently, OpenAI is generating more than $80 million in revenue per month but wants to reach $1 billion in the near future. Last year, the AI behemoth, which is valued at about $27 billion on paper, generated about $28 million in revenue since it had not started charging for its ChatGPT.

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