Launched in 2014, Ledger is the French company working on security solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. The company has designed an acclaimed line of hardware security devices quickly placing the company as a global leader on the market with 1,000,000 units sold in more than 165 countries.

For enterprises and corporations, Ledger introduced the Vault: a fully managed SaaS solution addressing the need to safeguard very large amount of multiple cryptocurrencies while mitigating both IT and physical assault threats. The company is also active on the industrial IoT market, leveraging its secure hardware technology to interface sensors and machines to smart contracts or blockchain based assets.

Ledger was launched by eight experts with complementary backgrounds in embedded security, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship, united around the idea of creating secure solutions for blockchain applications. The company is headquartered in Paris, has a production facility in Vierzon, France and offices in San Francisco.

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