OVER GATE Console: Creating, Hosting, and Managing Metaverse Events

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OVER GATE Console: Creating, Hosting, and Managing Metaverse Events
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Metaverse decentralized infrastructure service provider OVER has launched its much-awaited OVER GATE Console as it seeks to play a more dominant role in the evolution of Web3.0 through the powers of Augmented Reality.

The OVER GATE Console is designed to bring help users to create geo-localized experiences that will help in bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

The metaverse is currently growing beyond just a concept as more startups are now exploring new products and solutions to help the wider populace gain exposure to the new world. The OVER GATE Console will come off as one of the most advanced channels to enter the metaverse and will offer every user the opportunity to create customized meetings and events without limitations.

With its advanced interactive features, the OVER GATE Console supports every type of event ranging from DJ concerts to conferences and meetings. The metaverse accessibility tool is designed such that its desktop app permits users to conduct these meetings through their OVRLands, a piece of real estate in the OVER metaverse.

While owning land in OVER is an avenue to gain a unique appreciation of the OVER GATE Console, users can also download the desktop app for free and participate in meetings without having land of their own.

“OVER GATE console connects augmented reality experiences to real geographic locations and thus enables creators to augment the physical world,” said Davide Cuttini, co-founder and CEO of OVER. “This geo-realism is an exciting feature that breathes new life into AR. With OVER GATE, users can create unique experiences, play games, and participate in live metaverse events such as music festivals and virtual meetings.”

OVER GATE Console Offers Enhanced Functionalities

The OVER GATE Console offers an easy way to retain a dominant presence for meeting hosts in a way that has not really been seen before, however, attendees also benefit immensely from the thrilling features of the platform. Attendees of events hosted on OVER can join through their own Avatars.

These Avatars can be controlled through the user’s keypad and mouse, and the user’s personalities can be showcased through their Avatars. As a high-tech startup, users who want a more engaging and thrilling experience in the metaverse can also wear a motion-sensing tracksuit to teleport their entire body in the metaverse and stream its movements in real time.

One major mission that OVER has is to make the metaverse an accessible venue for everyone. While there are huge barriers to entry based on the current metaverse solutions around today, for users to experience the offerings from OVER, their mobile phones alone are enough to gain the right access to the OVRLands.

With the OVER GATE Console, users can be a part of thrilling fashion shows, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art exhibitions, and other unique experiences to mention a few.

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