Panda.Earth: Protecting Panda Population Through Blockchain Gaming

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Panda.Earth: Protecting Panda Population Through Blockchain Gaming
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Blockchain-based project Panda.Earth not only creates another game fully integrating blockchain, but, even more importantly, brings awareness to Panda conservation efforts.

Blockchain-based project, Panda.Earth, has launched a virtual breeding pet game built on top of Ethereum – à la CryptoKitties – intended to bring awareness to Panda conservation around the world.

CryptoKitties surged in popularity in 2017, a phenomenon that coincided with a general cryptocurrency mania last year. This phenomenon was one of the quirky byproducts of crypto-mania and was so popular that, in December 2017, it congested the Ethereum network and caused it to reach an all-time high in transaction volume.

Cryptopandas: Real Blockchain-based Gaming

However, the team behind Panda.Earth thinks that the implementation of the game could be improved on to make it more in-line with the decentralized nature of blockchain. According to the team, CryptoKitties is a “pseudo-blockchain game” because only transactions are settled using the tech, while the underlying game data is stored on centralized servers.

Centralized servers mean that users are not offered true ownership of their digital assets and the game’s operations suffer from central points of failure. Hence, the team’s vision is to create a game that lives entirely on the Ethereum blockchain.

They consider this full implementation to be “real” blockchain gaming: where every element benefits from the trustful nature of distributed ledger and smart contract technologies.

Panda.Earth’s Gameplay Features

Gameplay features will revolve around 4 main components: collection and reproduction, circulation of value, simulated business operations, and an incentivized platform.

Collection and reproduction is just what it sounds like, players will attempt to collect digital assets known as “Cryptopandas” and breed them. Breeding them will produce babies with distinct qualities according to a unique genetic algorithm based on on real-world genetic output.

The specific genetic output for each Panda will depend on smart contracts, making the process transparent and ensuring the uniqueness of each Cryptopanda that’s bred.

Circulation of value means that the Cryptopandas will be easily exchanged across platforms for other digital assets like CryptoKitties and cryptocurrency. Simulated business operations, on the other hand, is a feature that will create a convertible cash source in the game, called bamboo.

Finally, the team’s developers have emphasized creating a properly incentivized gaming-platform. One way to do this is to offer cryptopandas free of charge to users, who sign up for early-stage community building.

Protecting the World’s Panda Population Through Blockchain Gaming

Despite numerous similarities, there’s one big difference between this project and Cryptokitties: Panda.Earth’s ultimate goal is the conservation of an endangered species. Indeed, the game will provide real-world mapping of Panda ecosystems through the use of real-world data.

Furthermore, Panda.Earth is a project authorized by the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda and plans to make the platform the premier decentralized database for real-world panda facts.

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