For more than two decades, Andreas has advised hundreds of organizations on emerging technologies and trends, and developed business strategies for the efficient and effective use of technology. An early pioneer who saw the potential of the Internet in 1988, Andreas helped many businesses harness new processes to take advantage of the rapid developments in open source, open standards and open networks.

In 1990, Andreas started teaching on various IT topics in private, professional and academic environments. Andreas honed his speaking skills in front of audiences ranging in size from five executives in a boardroom to thousands of people in large conferences. With more than three hundred speaking engagements under his belt he is considered a world-class and charismatic public speaker and teacher.

Andreas is a generalist who is well-versed in many diverse technology subjects. With experience ranging from hardware and electronics to high level business consulting, he combines authority and deep knowledge with an ability to make complex subjects easy to understand. He often brings a fresh perspective to a topic with surprising insights and his ability to identify underlying principles and connections between different topics. More than 175 of his articles have been published in print and syndicated worldwide.

As an entrepreneur, Andreas has launched five companies, with great success as well as some important lessons. Some of those companies still flourish today.

Andreas is also an early pioneer in the open source software space. Starting with 386BSD in 1991 and then Linux in 1992 (version 0.95), he participated in the launch of the open-source phenomenon into mainstream use. He has contributed code to and project managed a number of open source projects.

Andreas is active in many important social causes and organizations using technology to promote free speech, open and transparent networks, open governments, social justice, human rights and citizen empowerment.

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  • Known for:

    Andreas M. Antonopoulos

  • Nationality:


  • Education:

    University College London, Research Fellow, Computer Science - 1995 – 1996
    University College London, M.Sc. - 1993-1994

  • Other Projects:

    Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Owner
    Third Key Solutions - CTO
    Nemertes Research - Partner - 2003 – 2011
    ThruPoint Inc - Director, Security Practice - 2002 – 2003
    Greenwich Technology Partners - Security Practice Lead - 2001 – 2002

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