Pet Industry Launches The First Consumer Utility Token to Save Animals

Place/Date: Miami - June 19th, 2020 at 12:01 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Pawtocol, Source: Pawtocol

Pawtocol, the premier Blockchain company dedicated to the pet industry, has formed alliances with rescue shelters across America to save the lives of animals using its utility token – Universal Pet Income (UPI.)

The CEO of Pawtocol, Karim Quazzani, notes:

“There are approximately 14,000 rescues and 6.5 million animals that go through animal rescue per year. The size of the market provides us with a tremendous opportunity to create a no-kill nation.”

Pawtocol’s one-touch easy onboarding process called ‘Know Your Pet (KYP) simplifies the process for each animal to create a permanent virtual ID box on the blockchain in 3 easy steps:

  • Pair the free Blockchain Dog Tag and onboarding app
  • ‘A one time fee of $9 worth UPI for KYP set-up
  • Enter the relevant data

This virtual ID goes wherever the animal goes and allows all their information to be constantly accessible by the next custodian with the animal’s medical history which can, in turn, create a healthier life.

Quazzani says:

“We’re unifying communications, saving time and money to facilitate and speed up foster placements and adoptions. This is a powerful real-life utility of a token.”

Pawtocol is already seeing success with its UPI being traded as a utility token on the Probit exchange.

Quazzini adds:

“We are building momentum with this huge step forward for pet rescues, and we’re very proud of this accomplishment. Working together with all the dedicated animal welfare organizations, we can reach this goal!”

Watch this kitty get her new Blockchain Dog Tag here.

Learn more about Pawtocol with our company video here.

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