Phillipines-based Company Junca Reaches Europe

Place/Date: - January 10th, 2022 at 11:03 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Junca

Phillipines-based Company Junca Reaches Europe

Junca Cash is the main currency of the Junca Platform. The marketing of Junca Cash is presently underway, as the launch of the platform services is awaited in spring 2022. While the initial round of Junca Cash (JCC) had taken place in the Singaporean Market from July’20 to March ’21, the subsequent round is all set to be held in Europe. The JCC has shown immense growth when previously, in a matter of 3 weeks after its listing, the price of the shares went up 80 times higher. The currency is issued to be available for use on many popular trading exchanges.

Junca, which technically means to refine something to its purest state, is an international corporation that believes in strengthening the Asian economy through financial services. The Junca platform was created to solve problems such as remittance, currency exchange, data management, and employment for the development of cross-border business.

The project at Junca is focused on establishing a blockchain-based remittance service that furnishes users with heightened safety, facile connectivity, instant settlement, and convenient transaction tracking at inexpensive prices.

Organizations like the OFW management groups and business associations work side-by-side with Junca group to improve the economic conditions of people in Asia.

Junca cash was designed as a cryptocurrency to enable the ATM services of the Junca platform. While it was listed in 2020, the marketing project is underway to spread the market share to other countries and continents. In 2020, Junca started opening atom ATMs in popular cities in the Philippines with the purpose to help convert cryptocurrency to fiat money. This project was specifically targeted for the Overseas Filipino Workers, who had to suffer high charges while sending their money back home. The group aims to share 30% of Overseas Filipino Workers’ remittances by 2023.

The Junca group also plans to do their bit in the field of education as well as the vacationing training of its people. The group has decided to offer scholarship loans and charitable activities to improve the education system for people in Asia.

The Junca group’s forthcoming app will provide users with bank cards, QR codes, and crypto settlement options. With the use of physical cash diminishing like never before, the Junca group, with its ATMs and App, is on the right path to dominating the digital finance market.

One can use the Junca Cash on platforms like Azbit, Coinsbit, and LATOKEN. Another remarkable facet of the project is that the group aims to adopt a three-token model to enhance efficiency and asset flow.

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