Piccolo Joins Hands with Larva Game Studios

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Piccolo Joins Hands with Larva Game Studios
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The collaboration with Larva Game studios is not the only announcement that has been recently made by Piccolo.

Piccolo has reached an agreement with gaming studio Larva Games, based in Mexico. This agreement will pave the way for a P2E game, a card game on the Ethereum network. Participants shall acquire NFTs identical for trading cards. They will vary from ordinary to ultra-rare. And users will be able to utilize them to compete with other players all over the globe. ERC-20 tokens can be used for in-house buy-outs or traded for real money.

Piccolo’s goal is to revolutionize peer-to-peer gaming on the blockchain. Piccolo ($PINU), a low-cap crypto coin, has swept the digital currency sector, specifically the lesser capitalization space, after its launch recently. That is a decentralized and transparent coin. It is meant to create diversified revenue sources while making sure the funds of investors are not at risk.

Larva Game Studios, with a staff of 12 professional developers, have already entered full production mode since the 1st of this month. These experts previously worked on more than thirty-five mobile, PC, and console games.

The GDD brought in by the pair will serve as a guide for both developers and investors. The beta of the Game Development Document is scheduled for debut in Q2 2022 and will work with Web3-enabled browsers.

When the PC version debuts, development on mobile OS which includes both Android and IOS will commence. The augmented reality (AR) gaming model is also in the pipeline. In this AR players will try and find unique NFTs and fight with allies.

In a very minimal span, the project garnered more than 14,000 investors, listings on 5 large centralized exchanges, and numerous social media crypto influencers. Token holders may use their $PINU to generate liquidity and collect a staggering 92.34 percent APR.

An implementation of the highly anticipated metaverse model is on the cards. The duo has devoted all of their time and resources to the creation and enhancement of the above-mentioned NFT P2E game.

Piccolo Dips Toes Into the Metaverse

The collaboration with Larva Game studios is not the only announcement that has been made by Piccolo. The previous one told that Piccolo had made a large purchase. More specifically, Piccolo spent $250,000 on virtual land in the Sandbox metaverse.

The land in question is nine adjacent parcels that are located close to gaming giant Atari within the same metaverse. Following this acquisition, the company intends to begin development on the virtual land from 2022.

As more development geared towards the metaverse takes place, Piccolo will be releasing 10,000 custom NFTs that are created for the metaverse as playable characters.

Piccolo also plans to develop an NFT marketplace with specific offerings that will be compatible with the metaverse. The marketplace, along with a community hub, will be accessible via Web3 browsers and VR features.

This is a very important strategic move on the company’s part as the Virtual Reality (VR) space was valued at $15.81 billion in 2020 and is now predicted to see a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18% per year by 2028. By getting into this sector early, especially with the rise of the metaverse, Piccolo is positioning itself as an industry leader.

“Piccolo is a Shiba Inu from space who infiltrates our home planet with the intent of discovering and sharing the latest technologies the galaxy has to offer, and we at Piccolo want to demonstrate his products in the crypto space,” says the Piccolo’s CEO.

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