Pirichain Aims to Simplify Blockchain Usage

June 5th, 2023 at 2:42 pm UTC · 5 min read

Pirichain Aims to Simplify Blockchain Usage

Pirichain introduces a new environment to further advance the increasingly mainstream blockchain technology. With its simple and adaptable ecosystem, Pirichain enables users to securely store and analyze data, create personalized ecosystems, and make data-driven decisions. In essence, this platform provides a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with external environments such as APIs and web services, meeting individual and corporate needs. It allows crypto investors, Web3 developers, companies, or public technology units to effortlessly establish their own ecosystems compared to other blockchains. It transforms blockchain technology from being solely a financial instrument into an automation infrastructure that can be utilized across almost all industries.

What Are Pirichain’s Innovations?

In the age of information overload, determining the reliability of sources is crucial. Blockchain applications go beyond simple asset transfers and transactions and have the potential to address this issue. Pirichain introduces a novel solution by providing verified data from trustworthy senders through a “Domain” (DNS) based proof system called D.V.P.A (Domain Verified PIRI Address). This innovative approach ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data, enhancing trust and transparency in the blockchain ecosystem.

Pirichain Aims to Simplify Blockchain Usage

Wallet owners can become approved senders by defining representative authority for their domain addresses. While a domain authority can be granted for a wallet address, multiple representative definitions can be made within a domain (DNS) record. This allows businesses and institutions to establish multiple verification systems with multiple domains or subdomains. Additionally, the system ensures tamper-proof integrity by having transactions approved by independent parties, while data is instantly backed up and verified across multiple servers. Institutions also have mechanisms in place to verify their own addresses, ensuring that the system’s interactions are transparent and clear. Furthermore, Pirichain Wallet Address, which can be verified and provided by any type of user, enhances overall reliability alongside the domain web address.

Pirichain Aims to Simplify Blockchain Usage

Pirichain not only provides businesses with a secure way to store and transact data but also enables them to gain meaningful insights. The Dynamic Consensus model, another innovative approach introduced by Pirichain, allows businesses to establish customized rules among server nodes, promoting collaboration and flexibility. Companies can use Pirichain to create their own data ecosystems and encrypt their data alongside asset transactions. Whether in an internet or intranet environment, it becomes possible to establish an ecosystem and sub-ecosystems.

Pirichain commits to serving almost all industries. Some of these industries include healthcare, agriculture, education, law, manufacturing, public transportation, logistics, finance, cybersecurity, smart city, artificial intelligence, gaming, and IoT/IoMT. It eliminates the hassle of following different integration procedures for each of these industries and enables data exchange through APIs and Pirichain Smart Scenarios. This ensures seamless integration and data interoperability across various sectors.

Pirichain Aims to Simplify Blockchain Usage

Pirichain also introduces a concept called “Pirichain Smart Scenarios” as part of its offerings. While smart contracts have gained popularity in the market, this concept brings new features and expanded usability. One notable feature is that Pirichain Smart Scenarios can be written in JavaScript or TypeScript, providing flexibility for developers. Another feature is the ability to manage multiple assets within a single scenario. However, the most significant feature is the seamless integration of data exchange with external web services without the need for additional libraries. This capability opens up almost unlimited options for any company, individual, or institution seeking to build a data ecosystem using blockchain technology.

The ICO process will continue until the end of June 2023. Regarding the short-term goals of the platform, investors can participate in ongoing public and private sales, which provide them with the opportunity to acquire Pirichain tokens at advantageous prices. Additionally, Pirichain aims to pursue listings on tier-1 and tier-2 exchanges, with the intention of increasing accessibility and liquidity for token holders.

What Is Pirichain Planning for the Future?

In terms of long-term goals, Pirichain has ambitious plans to enhance its data processing and analysis capabilities. Within a year, it aims to implement data mining methods such as pattern recognition, clustering, data pre-processing, logistic regression, and others. The platform will also incorporate artificial intelligence techniques such as artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and reinforcement learning.

Pirichain also plans to continue its efforts to be listed on Tier-1 exchanges in order to increase its market presence and visibility. Additionally, to demonstrate its ability to solve complex blockchain challenges, Pirichain intends to publish informative content on Pirichain Smart Scenarios and collaborate with software companies, IoT manufacturers, and organizations to facilitate education and adoption, thereby offering broader use cases. Furthermore, Pirichain aims to improve the stability and usability of the ecosystem by partnering with enterprise stablecoin providers, as stablecoins play a significant role in this industry.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Pirichain aims to improve AI-driven decision-making processes by integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain concepts to uncover meaningful data insights. The platform aspires to be a pioneer in the future evolution of the internet by embracing new technologies.

Lastly, Pirichain aims to establish itself as a trusted global platform for secure digital transactions.

About Pirichain

Pirichain is a blockchain platform that facilitates the use of blockchain by providing customizable ecosystems and secure data storage. It is the first blockchain technology that allows businesses, organizations, or individual users to create their own data ecosystems. With a customizable data storage capacity of up to 20 Kb, Pirichain enables the verification of various data types to ensure transaction reliability.

The platform is a strong contender on its way to becoming the global notary of blockchain technology. Its advanced features and focus on verified data management position it as a revolutionary tool that can be used in various industries, such as insurance for pricing operations utilizing Pirichain Smart Scenarios.

In summary, Pirichain represents the next generation of blockchain networks with advanced asset management capabilities, reliable data verification, and exciting data processing and analysis opportunities. Its potential impact extends beyond industries and is a technology to be considered for the future.

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