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Play-to-Earn Games: New Wave of Blockchain Gaming

UTC by Babafemi Adebajo · 3 min read
Play-to-Earn Games: New Wave of Blockchain Gaming
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Slowly but steadily, the world has moved away from traditional gaming to online gaming. Here’s how blockchain gaming is leading the drive.

From the days of Super Mario, the world of gaming has evolved into a fast-paced, emotionally charged environment driven by blockchain. Slowly but steadily, the world has moved away from traditional gaming to online gaming with the industry now worth as much as $50 billion. Investgame estimates that more than 24 investment deals were closed in the first quarter of 2021.

Traditional gaming had its perks. People played for the fun of it. Winners got bragging rights while losers just had to keep trying. The aim was always to get the next highest score or advance to the next higher level. Sometimes, players even had to pay for some in-app purchases or to unlock some features. Now, blockchain gaming has changed all that.

Maximizing Your Income through Blockchain Gaming

Previously, gaming was just a fun activity. Definitely not something most people could consider as an investment. Players made the game companies and owners richer every day and most people never really saw the possibility of earning from winning. Thanks to blockchain, a new gaming model, the play–to–earn model has emerged.

GameFi is to gaming what DeFi is to finance and play-to-earn games are the hubris of Game-Fi. These Play-to-earn games allow the gamers to earn money by participating in the game. These games capitalize on the price volatility of cryptocurrency incorporating crypto tokens into their gaming environments Users can also win non-fungible tokens which can be stored securely on wallets or exchanged for some funds.

How IQeon Can Help You Earn More Income

IQeon was one of the first projects to emerge in the blockchain gaming sector. IQeon allows individual gamers to earn money by winning. IQeon platform offers players many games with different modes and options including multiplayer mode. The winners can earn the monetary reward.

The beta test of IQeon started in 2019. Currently, the team is building a gaming portal to present information about the different games on the platform. This is expected to help guide potential players. Also, the team released the $IQN token which is available for trading on EXMO and HITBTC exchange.

Most blockchain games have enjoyed tremendous success because they are often based on real-life situations and attract a lot of emotions from the gamers. Many of them also need to be streamed online, meaning that users must have access to specific kinds of digital assets to complete their tasks and prove their expertise and skill in the game.

Using blockchain, projects like IQeon have changed the concept of gaming. By tokenizing collectibles, improving payments, allowing free entry, and including an opportunity to earn income, gaming is set to become something worth enjoying, fun, and totally worth your time and energy.

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