Premiere in France: The Crypto to Recruit 1500 Talents!

Place/Date: PARIS - July 17th, 2019 at 7:33 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Maxime LOGEART, Source: BTU Protocol

For the first time in France and worldwide, a listed company is launching a recruitment campaign in France with a crypto-currency reward.

From July 17 to October 17, 2019, for every recruitment done through sending a resume via the dedicated platform, SII will pay 1000€ in BTU tokens and 100€ to a charity. The payment is done only after the trial period is approved.

Companies are continuously trying to be more creative in order to stay attractive and SII campaign is an example of an innovative approach to target the best talents and the blockchain engineers.

In line with the principles of BTU Protocol, the BTU token serves as a reward for candidates using this channel.

BTU Protocol launched by Vidal Chriqui and Hervé Hababou is a blockchain based protocol aiming to create a short path between users and all kind of professionals. BTU Protocol was first applied to hotel booking with consumers incentivized to direct booking through BTU rewards. Now, with this large (1500 opened jobs) recruitment campaign, BTU is applied to HR process.

As explained by Vidal Chriqui (BTU Protocol),

«The partnership with SII is in line with our values. Similarly to what we are doing in the hotel distribution, BTU Protocol allows to connect SII directly with the best talents».

About SII Group

For 40 years, the SII Group has been a technology consulting company operating from 80 locations in 19 countries. On a daily basis, nearly 10,000 employees are involved in the digital transformation of major accounts. SII, which was awarded by “The Great Place To Work” label in 2018 and 2019, carries out numerous actions related to the quality of life at work and develops an active policy in favor of diversity.

About BTU Protocol

BTU Protocol was incorporated in February 2018 and successfully completed a $5.5 million token sale in June 2018. BTU Protocol was part of the UNICORN consultation of the AMF (Financial Authority Market). In January 2019, BTU Protocol launched the BTU-Hotel service offering 2 million hotels for direct booking and BTU reward for users of this channel. The BTU token is listed on the Bittrex International, Upbit (South Korea), Coinhouse (France) and CryptoFacil (Latin America) platforms.