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Presales Season is Almost Over; Big Eyes Coin, Metacade, RobotEra – Who is Winning?

March 8th, 2023 at 2:35 pm UTC · 3 min read

Presales Season is Almost Over; Big Eyes Coin, Metacade, RobotEra – Who is Winning?

The crypto presale mania is almost ever. About a month left before you miss the opportunity to get early access to some of the rockets of the crypto industry. With Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Metacade, and RobotEra having the top presales this season, who is winning, and who is worth your money? Let’s have a reality check and find out!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Dominance of the Cute Crypto Cats!

Big Eyes Coin is leading the presale with cuteness! BIG is mostly the rocket you are looking for, as it has raised a crazy amount of $30.8 million in its presale stage. You might have lesser than a month to get on board this rocket because the project’s token supply is limited and is being purchased at lightning speed!

Big Eyes have become the favorite of crypto investors because of its tax-free environment. Yup, no buy or sell tax. Moreover, Big Eyes Coin are giving their early entrants a chance to win big, real big.

How? Through Big Eyes Loot boxes. These loot boxes offer you a chance to win rewards that are 500% worth the price of the loot box. To put it in perspective, you can purchase a loot box for $99 and stand a chance to win $5000! However, this is not it! BIG has launched a new loot box that is worth $9,999 and gives you a chance to win $1,000,000! A loot box that gives you a chance to tell your friends that you are now a crypto millionaire. Sounds cool!

Big Eyes coins are not just about making money. This project is also about taking care of oceans. 5% of the total token supply is allocated for donating to ocean-saving charities. Noble, for sure.


Metacade: A Platform For The Gamers Of Web.3

Metacade is a hub for Web.3 gamers and developers. Since the launch of its presale stage, Metacade has raised $8.8 million.

If you know how to create Web.3 applications, you should definitely check out Metacade! If you think about it, Metacade is almost like a casual LinkedIn for Web.3 enthusiasts. However, Metacade is not all about networking with like-minded people; it is also about enjoying your life while you are at it. Hence, this project also offers pay-to-play arcade games. A nice way to reminisce those childhood days with a twist of crypto!

Metacade is on a mission to revolutionize the crypto gaming space, and if you support this cause, do explore the project. But keep in mind that their presale closes at the end of March 2023!

RobotEra: A Futuristic Game Of Rebuilding The World

Will robots take over the world? Nobody knows, but they have surely begun influencing the crypto space! Introducing RobotEra, a game where you rebuild the world by mining your resources, managing your land, etc. It’s kind of like Minecraft. But with a twist of robots and crypto.

RobotEra has raised $975K in its presale stage and continues to grow as more people get interested in the concept of building a robotic city.

To know more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Website, Telegram, Presale.

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