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Priority Token Releases a Revolutionary New Airdrop Method (DataXchain AirDrop Inside!)

December 3rd, 2018 at 3:30 pm UTC · 3 min read

Airdrops are when free coins are distributed to the wallets of certain individuals. Some companies Airdrop their own coins, while others give them to the owners of more popular coins to generate a bit more buzz.

However, our team at Priority Token has come out with a new and revolutionary method for airdropping your coins. Instead of randomly dropping your coin to just anyone, our Airdrop method is enabling companies to drop coins to more “high quality” recipients such as those at crypto conferences, the media, and seasoned investors.

Priority Token will print out and distribute flyers at major conferences that contain information about your coin, ICO, and airdrop, along with unique QR codes. In addition to this, they will send the information to the media, post it on social media, and distribute it through their email list.

Moreover, in order to receive the airdropped tokens, recipients must read, watch videos, or answer questions about your company, helping you educate the public about your cause. This method is better than traditional methods as it allows your coin to get in front of more qualified recipients, who likely won’t just sell off your coin once it obtains value — which is what lower quality recipients often do in response to airdrops.

Now that you know about this new and exciting initiative, let’s take a look at the parties involved that are making this method possible.

Priority Token is an ICO advisory agency that has the goal of helping your ICO be as successful as possible. We offer a number of different services to give your ICO a great chance to be successful, including investment consulting, marketing, and technical support.

We also offer access to a large pool of crypto and blockchain experts who are fully capable and willing to review your project, join advisory teams, and potentially even promote your project towards their own individual networks. We have a variety of unique value propositions that you can check out on our website.


This new airdrop method is also made possible by the Bitrewards technology. Bitrewards is a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) based rewards platform for online stores, operating in the multi-billion-dollar loyalty market. They make it easy for online stores to offer loyalty programs that customers will love, all through a single loyalty point without the need for useless cards or points that expire.

The platform is a game-changer for merchants as it provides an innovative solution and blockchain infrastructure, and is great for customers as they can earn great rewards that are not tied to one particular store or merchant.


The team at Priority Token is already providing this airdropping service for a blockchain project called DataXChain.

DataXChain is a blockchain-based data trading service. It looks to connect those who own data and those who want to use data, via their intelligent matching engine. It is a very simple service to use, but is still incredibly quick and sophisticated as well.

If you are interested in participating in the DataXChain airdrop, be sure to check out this link or scan this code (scan here)!


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