Introducing a Regulatory Compliant STO Dashboard by Priority Token

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Introducing a Regulatory Compliant STO Dashboard by Priority Token

Priority Token presents one-of-a-kind Priority Token STO Dashboard to lay the ground for project’s success, both legally and technically.

It’s already common knowledge that the fundraising industry is shifting towards Security Token Offerings. A majority of experts believe that STO is the future of raising funds within a blockchain industry.

While we witness the success of the trending STO projects, giants like Coinbase and Nasdaq are getting ready to list and trade security tokens. Today the STO projects are the pioneers who choose to be regulatory compliant in order to gain the investors’ trust. And this applies to the technical aspect of the project since the technology is as crucial as both legal and financial parts.

Outdated Solutions of the ICO Era Don’t Work Anymore

In the ICO era, there were dozens of popular White Label solutions out there, all of them – out-of-the-box platforms, a ‘one size fits all’ type. They all boasted essentially the same list of features, give or take a couple of options.

However, when STOs came to stay, these old-school solutions failed to meet the growing legal and technical demands of a new token sale method. A standard product which worked quite well for the ICOs didn’t have what it takes to conduct an STO since the STO framework is entirely different in its peculiarities.

Priority Token STO Dashboard In Detail

We at Priority Token started our STO dashboard journey by creating a customized solution for CashFree. After that, we decided to explore the new niche and go an extra mile by making our new product scalable and configurable. That’s how we developed our one-of-a-kind Priority Token STO Dashboard.

Whitelist the Users

Create a list of loyal users and provide them access to certain functions directly from their account.

Locate the Users

Since the Security Token Offerings have higher requirements for the contributors, especially when it comes to the country of residence, our geolocation comes in handy to secure the project from multiple issues.

In other words, you can set up the rules of token sale in each country. The geolocation of each customer will be defined when he creates an account, therefore you will only have those contributors you need, depending on the legal aspects of your project.

Segment Your Database

Our dashboard allows you to easily segment the users’ list based on the criteria you need. This can be helpful when a number of participants becomes too high to manage them manually.

Set an Automatic Token Withdrawal

It is common for STOs to set a token lock-up period. Given that, we provide our users with an option of automatic token withdrawal after the end of a lock-up term. To withdraw tokens, a user has to validate his identity and/or pass the procedure of manual confirmation of the transaction which is done by a company’s official.

Create a Smart Contract Integration

The STO dashboard already has an in-built service that allows you to create and manage your smart contracts. So there’s no need to hire an extra talent since this job can be easily done via the dashboard even by a non-professional.

Accept Direct Wire Payment

We’ve added a long-anticipated option of paying for the tokens directly from a bank account. The tokens are being reserved for a certain contributor in a moment when he buys them with his fiat money. When the transaction is confirmed, the person receives his tokens.

Explore the Advanced STO Analytics

A user can see the reports on the whole STO or on a certain period. It is also possible to visualize the results when comparing them to the previous period.

Apply a KYC Integration

The Know-Your-Client procedure is a must-have for every STO unless you are eager to deal with the aftermath of selling tokens to a non-accredited investor, or an investor from a wrong jurisdiction. We offer a customizable KYC solution that will meet the specific needs of your project.

Deploy a Website Integration

Some of the dashboard features can be embedded into the website by means of cookie files and APIs. For instance, you can decide on the rate of access for each group of users based on their cookie files, so that those who are banned from buying tokens wouldn’t even see such a button on their version of the website interface.

These are some of the features that make our solution stand out. We strongly believe that a solid STO dashboard is already half the battle, that’s why it is significant to choose wisely. Priority Token STO dashboard will lay the ground for your project’s success, both legally and technically. All the routine work will be done for you, so your team would be able to concentrate on developing an MVP and connecting with your customers.

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