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Private Detectives from Different Countries Will be Hired to Find Satoshi Nakamoto

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by Maria Konash · 2 min read
Private Detectives from Different Countries Will be Hired to Find Satoshi Nakamoto
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$45,000 have already been collected for the past three days to find out the identity of the Bitcoin Network creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

A group of Bitcoin enthusiasts from the international community group #Findsatoshi launched a fundraising campaign on the European crowdfunding platform Boomstarter to find the man behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator. It is expected that $236,000 will be attracted for this purpose.

The application was filed by German Neff, the citizen of Estonia. To achieve the objective of finding Satoshi, the group intends to attract the best detectives from international detective agencies, such as Goro Kayama (Japan), New York Intelligence Agency, Inc (USA), Private Detective London (UK) and Osobka (Russia). For three days the organizers raised $ 45,000 to find the person hiding behind Satoshi nickname.

According to the published statement, agencies will conduct a public report on their activities every three days. In turn, information about the development of the investigation on different continents will be published in the “news” section as well as social networks.

Crypto-enthusiasts say they intend to find Satoshi as they want to find out the fate of Bitcoin. According to them, the society has the right to know who can overthrow the crypto-market overnight and whether it is a global fraud.

“We, the fans of the cryptocurrency, who faithfully believe in the ideals of digital money, should know who has more than 1 million coins in his wallet. There’s simply too much risk for a new economic paradigm. And if Satoshi does not want publicity, we must declassify it ourselves”, the description of the campaign reads.

According to the “customers”, if the father of Bitcoin turns out to be “a simple man who is only afraid of publicity,” after the disclosure of the personality, crypto-enthusiasts will no longer bother him.

Ironically, the collection of funds takes place also in Bitcoin.

We would like to remind that in July an unknown author, who introduced himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, announced the release of a future book revealing the identity of the creator of Bitcoin.

Later, specialists in digital database processed the stylometric analysis of the text and make guesses that the text was allegedly written by Satoshi himself. They came to conclusion that authorship can really belong to the real “father” of Bitcoin.

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