The Pulsar Venture Capital Fund’s ICO Has Been Launched to Finance High-Profit Venture Projects

November 14th, 2017 at 10:01 am UTC · 4 min read

Pulsar Venture Capital, an international early-stage venture fund and business accelerator, started a 30 million dollars ICO sale of Pulsar tokens (“Pulsars”) to raise funds for investing in reliable and high-yield projects in the tech industry.

The initial Pulsar token price is 1 US dollar and payment is accepted in Bitcoins (BTC) or Ethers (ETH). The minimum contribution is set at 1 ETH.

A discount system is applied for the first buyers of Pulsar tokens: 15% off on the first day, 10% off on the second day, 5% off during the first week, and 3% off until the end of the second week of the ICO. The coin offering will end on December 12th, 2017. Pulsar Venture Capital is one of the first to conduct an ICO campaign in accordance with the US Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations. This means the new token sale is open to US investors. Furthermore, it will enable Pulsar to be openly traded on the exchange.

Part of the funds raised through the ICO will be invested in 29 highly efficient and profitable projects in the USA, Eastern Europe and South-East Asia, which Pulsar VC has been working with for a few years now. All crowdsale participants will get shares in these portfolio companies.

Thanks to the professionalism of the Fund’s experts and consultants, as well as via cooperation with foreign partners such as Google Ventures and 500 Startups, the current Pulsar Venture Capital’s portfolio has increased by a factor of 4.5 over the past four years.

For example, the Fund’s investments in Ratelsys, a producer of aerospace and radar systems and developer of equipment for the wireless industrial IoT, have provided the return of 1167%. Investments in Pinscreen Inc, the developer of an application for creating personal 3D avatars on social media, have generated 1020% return for Pulsar VC, due to a higher company valuation by investors.

Based on the ICO outcome, the Fund plans to invest in over thirty projects in the most promising areas, including telecommunication, new materials, “Internet of Things”, and more.

“We target investments in projects that have significant market potential and 10x profitability – explains managing partner of Pulsar Venture Capital Pavel Korolev – over years of work we’ve created one of the best systems for working with startups on the market and reliable partnership with strategic corporations and leading investors. All of this provides us the opportunity to exit earlier, while creating high returns from the investments. We make successful exits, making 12-25x returns.

The ICO mechanism will allow us to unite the opportunities of a crypto-fund with the expertise of a venture fund. We invite you to partner and invest with us with best-in-class startups”.

Today, investments in startups pay multi-billion dividends to venture funds worldwide. Analysts are certain that decentralization and transition to blockchain technology will increase these revenues at least twofold. For example, Michael Jackson, the former COO of Skype and a current partner at Mangrove Capital Partners, a venture company, having analyzed 204 ICOs, concluded that a “blind” investment in a blockchain startup generates an average return of 1320% for the investor. However, due to legal and technical challenges, such investments today continue to be the privilege of only a few large investors.

“Both our team and I, are confident that investments in disruptive innovation should be accessible not only to professional investors, but also to all those who believe that new technology can transform our world for the better,” Pavel Korolev says. “Pulsar ICO – it is this opportunity that combines modern cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies with classic venture capital. Join us!”

Pulsar Venture Capital is an early-stage venture fund, competency center, and business accelerator, creating an environment favorable for innovative projects and developing knowledge-intensive and technology companies. The Pulsar Venture Capital’s headquarters is located in Kazan, the Fund’s representative offices operate in the USA, Ireland, UAE.


Ivan Drobyshev

[email protected]