Pump And Dump (P&D) – The Last Hype

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Pump And Dump (P&D) – The Last Hype
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Interestingly, the Pump And Dump (P&D) has set December 21, 2025, as the date when the token will crash. 

Pump And Dump (P&D), a BEP-20 meme token that focuses on charity and has a designated crash date, has scheduled a presale between April 11 and April 30. According to the presale details, 1,000,000,000 P&D are up for sale. Otherwise, there are 100 billion P&D tokens in total supply.

Ultimately, the Pump And Dump token aim at ranking as the fourth largest crypto asset by market. In short, the team behind P&D recognizes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance for their use case. According to the team, most of the coins out there should be regarded as meme coins.

Interestingly, the Pump And Dump (P&D) has set December 21, 2025, as the date when the token will crash. According to the team, 50 percent of the P&D tokens have been locked and will be sold on Dec 21, 2025. Consequently, the selling pressure will surpass the buying pressure, which will eventually trigger a market crash.

Notably, Pump And Dump (P&D) has circumnavigated the crypto volatility uncertainty through this scheduled sell event.

Before then, the project aims at reaching $1 per P&D token. Thereby reciprocating to a market valuation of approximately $100 billion. Putting the figures in a different perspective, only two digital assets are valued above $100 billion, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Meanwhile, the Pump And Dump (P&D) intends to distribute the tokens to the community through various means. Reportedly, the projects intend to hold an ICO after the presale. Thereafter, the P&D token will be tradable on PancakeSwap, one of the leading DEX built on the BSC. Among other notable means of marketing include the use of NFTs, handouts, YouTube videos, and PR publications with leading media outlets. Of note, the project has listed 1,000 NFTs on OpenSea.

“Among the buyers of the P&D NFTs, 100 winners will be drawn, and each of them will receive 50 million P&D tokens. This corresponds to a value at the market launch of 7,000 USD (planned rate: 1 P&D = 0.00014 USD) per winner. So a total of 700,000 USD worth of tokens will be raffled! This is primarily for marketing purposes. The exception was 10 NFT whitelist slots which were already raffled, the proceeds (after deduction of fees like OpenSea, currency exchange, etc.) will be completely donated to a charity,” the project notified Coinspeaker.

Pump and Dump (P&D) Market Outlook

The meme token industry has attracted a significant number of retail investors. Apparently, the meme token industry that was inspired by Dogecoin has grown to a billion-dollar market. Moreover, the team behind Pump And Dump (P&D) greatly looks up to Dogefather, Elon Musk.

The team has quoted one of Musk’s tweets about crypto and money. “Bitcoin’s structure is very ingenious. The paper money disappears, and crypto-currencies are a much better way to transfer values than a piece of paper, that’s for sure,” the team quotes Musk.

The crypto market has recorded tremendous gains in the past decade, and perhaps may not be shy to continue in the next decade. The Pump And Dump (P&D) project wants to create wealthy investors through a well-programmed financial asset.

To show transparency, which is highly needed in the crypto space, the project has indicated that every single transaction is traceable via the public ledger. Additionally, all vital crypto wallets are linked on the company’s website.

Worth noting, the P&D project is audited and Know Your Customer (KYC) verified.

Ultimately, the P&D community is passionate about supporting cancer research and animal shelters around the world. The project intends to use every single transaction to support its course on charity.

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