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QUEDEX Releases the First Platform to Facilitate Bitcoin Derivatives Contracts

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
QUEDEX Releases the First Platform to Facilitate Bitcoin Derivatives Contracts

QUEDEX offers its users an opportunity to benefit from trading Bitcoin derivatives contracts on regulated fiat exchanges.

A major obstacle for the large-scale implementation of cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain technologies has been the general unwillingness of older backers to support modern digital banking with its’ constantly innovating market. Indeed, many still do not trust the decentralized nature of Blockchain technologies, doubting the security of investing in cryptocurrency.

QUEDEX provides the perfect solution to the problem by developing a platform which ensures that Bitcoin will not appear in the backers’ portfolios. In fact, QUEDEX’s platform offers an opportunity to trade Bitcoin derivatives contracts on regulated fiat exchanges (CME, CBOE). This means that it is now possible to benefit from the Bitcoin market by trading in Bitcoin options and futures rather than collecting Bitcoin assets themselves.

This solution favours both potential backers, who try to avoid deep involvement into cryptocurrency market, and those, who stand friendly to blockchain technology and the crypto-economy. For the former group, it is now possible to create a comprehensive position for almost any market scenario. For example, QUEDEX crypto-futures trades can easily add new instruments to their futures portfolio hedging the options with QUEDEX futures. For the latter group, the Bitcoin-dominated derivatives allow Blockchain-friendly users to avoid divesting from cryptocurrency.

QUEDEX will follow the rules of Blockchain & DLT regulations, dating to January 1, 2018, making this interesting exchange platform exceed all the other comparable services. This is, of course, demonstrated by the fact that QUEDEX is based in Gibraltar – an EU member state extremely friendly to Bitcoin and Blockchain. It would be very unlikely for QUEDEX trading to be disrupted by any future change in the regulation system pertaining to Bitcoin and Blockchain trading.

Moreover, QUEDEX boasts a top-tier security and unique risk management system, guaranteeing easy and safe way to attain lucrative assets in Bitcoin. All the traffic between clients and trading engine is protected by end-to-end PGP encryption with authentication based on private-public key digital signatures, a concept that protects Bitcoin itself. With Quedex, those, who are deeply involved into Bitcoin trading, can reap additional gains on the top of the growth of BTC price.

Conversely, while clearing institutions warn about the permanent risk of short CME futures positions, Quedex short sellers will never get margin called when fully collateralized. In addition, Quedex operates 24/7, thus avoiding the weekend gap risk which is present on fiat-centric markets like CME or CBOE.

To resume, QUEDEX’s first advantage is that one can enter it with no barriers – $1 contract size for futures and options. In contrast, CBOE has 1 BTC, CME — 5 BTC. Second advantage lays in the company’s unmatched advanced risk management allowing 25x leverage. And finally, QUEDEX offers a top tier cryptographic security system (the same kind of system which secures Bitcoin electronic ledgers) and lucrative Bitcoin derivatives contracts make QUEDEX the one to watch coming up now.

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