Ra Entertainment Launches Cryptocurrency RAсoin for Gambling Industry

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Ra Entertainment Launches Cryptocurrency RAсoin for Gambling Industry
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The company is creating the blockchain gambling empire which is to include the new token, online casino, wide range of partnering gambling centers and its own luxury casino and hotel.

The rapid changes in the price of Bitcoin have always led to the comparison of the crypto trading and gambling. Even though these spheres seem to have a few in common they definitely can learn from each other. Blockchain is known for its security and transparency – the characteristics that the gambling sphere lacks badly. Casinos are creating real empires attracting millions of people and making them regular clients. Today these industries turn out to have a stronger connection as the RAcoin pre-sale brings RA Entertainment Inc. resounding success.

The international company has set an ambitious goal – to create a cryptocurrency for both online and offline casinos. RA Entertainment Inc. is solving the problem of the cryptocurrency utilization. RAcoin is giving the crypto society an opportunity to spend the cryptocurrency in the ‘real’ world. The company is working on both online and offline gambling at the same time. This dual nature makes RAcoin a truly unique cryptocurrency which attracts investors from both traditional and crypto spheres.

The pre-sale of RAcoin became a great success: it took only 2 days to achieve the goal and raise the hard cap of $10,000,000. The ICO has strengthened the position of the company as lots of influential funds and investors have supported the RAcoin. The new token is powered by Ethereum smart contracts. It has all the chances to become a new standard for the gambling industry.

The company does not only issue a new token and develop its own online-platform. RA Entertainment Inc. is creating the Palau World Complex. A luxury casino and hotel will become the first spot to spend RAcoin at. But the token owners will not be limited to one casino. The company has ambitious plans on the future development of RAcoin.

RA Entertainment Inc. is going to introduce its token to the traditional gambling industry as well as to the hotels and entertainment centers. The geography of the project is wide: the company is already in the process of negotiations with several major players in Asia and Europe. But one does not have to leave home to spend RAcoin – the online casino developed by the company – racasino.pw – will be among the first opportunities of spending the new gambling token.

The creators of RAcoin have got a lot of support – and they completely deserve this. The company is not afraid of setting high goals. The diversification of the project is increasing the trust in it. Creating a successful token is not an easy thing. But creating a luxury entertainment center in support to the coin is a big step for any company.

The RAcoin ICO is scheduled for the 28th of April and will last for one month. Extra loyal token purchasers will be rewarded with a significant discount. But that is not the only pleasant surprise: all the token owners will take part in the token sale jackpot.

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