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New Opera with Built-In Ethereum Crypto Wallet Gets Instant Positive Feedback
December 13th, 2018

The new ‘Opera Web 3.0’ browser with built-in Crypto Wallet was rolled out on December 13. The development lets users transact online payments using cryptos.

Big Names Join the Hyperledger Blockchain Project Community
December 13th, 2018

The combined effort to advance blockchain technology led to the creation of the Hyperledger Blockchain Project. The project helps many entities worldwide to implement DLTs successfully.

Electronics Giant Samsung is Allegedly Planning to Launch ‘Blockchain Smartphone’
December 12th, 2018

Reports emerge that Samsung is planning to launch a blockchain smartphone. The company denies these reports but their recent trademark applications suggest otherwise.

First Official Crypto Debate in South Korea: Major Outcomes
December 12th, 2018

South Korea’s lawmakers, high-ranking government officials, and major exchanges meet officially for the first time. The crypto debate is considered a success with several major outcomes.

Bear Market Forces Bitmain Shut Down Its Development Center
December 11th, 2018

Bitmain’s Israeli Development Center shuts down with the firm’s China-based IPO approaching. The current bear market is somewhat to be blamed for the drastic decision.

China’s Central Bank Demonizes Cryptos and STOs at Recent Summit in Beijing
December 10th, 2018

China has banned all Security Token Offerings and all activities linked to them. The government wants to regulate the new tokens before legalizing them to eliminate cases of fraud.

Abu Dhabi Oil Giant Joins IBM to Apply Blockchain for Value Chain Management
December 10th, 2018

IBM joins hands with a state-owned Abu Dhabi Oil Giant, ADNOC. They aspire to implement blockchain for value chain management to boost operational efficiency while cutting on costs.

Mastercard Develops a New Way of Keeping Crypto Transactions Private
December 8th, 2018

MasterCard has filed a patent application in an attempt to implement a new strategy of maintaining the anonymity of crypto transactions. The company seeks to attract users who prefer transactions anonymity.

Morgan Creek Bets $1M that Cryptos will Outperform the S&P 500
December 7th, 2018

Morgan Creek has pulled out Buffet’s wagering trick and placed a $1 million bet alleging that cryptos will outperform the S&P 500. Despite the recent plunges, they have faith in the digital currencies.

Coinbase Seeks to Own ‘BUIDL’ Trademark, ‘HODL’ is Vacant so Far
December 7th, 2018

Coinbase has applied to own the ‘BUIDL’ trademark. They aim at encouraging investors to build products as opposed to just holding digital assets in times of high volatility.