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Rabu Gary Provides Overview of United Investors Group International

UTC by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Rabu Gary Provides Overview of United Investors Group International
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One of their top members, Rabu Gary, shares the top things people should know about UIGI.

We’re living in the age of working from home. According to Gallup, approximately 45% of people are working remotely. This newfound flexibility has opened up a host of new opportunities, allowing people to live and work wherever they want and seeing all the different ways to make money. Along with introducing more people to remote work, the pandemic also introduced financial insecurity into people’s lives.

This economic instability has inspired many people to explore passive income options such as cryptocurrency. United Investors Group International, or UIGI, is an organization that guides those interested in the industry through the cryptocurrency process, introducing new opportunities along the way. One of their top members, Rabu Gary, shares the top things people should know about UIGI.

They’re a Social Club

UIGI is not an investment firm, a hedge fund, or a group of financial advisors. They’re just regular, everyday people who share ideas on how to make money through cryptocurrency. They’re truly open to anyone interested in making money with UIGI, based on the platforms they offer.

In addition to focusing on making money through cryptocurrency, UIGI embraces the “social club” aspect of its organization. Their members have been on trips to Dubai, Mexico, Orlando, and beyond. They’ve also sponsored exclusive events like a celebrity softball game and other events around the 2022 NBA All-Star Game in Cleveland.

They Provide Educational Material

It can be difficult for newcomers to fully understand the nuances of working with cryptocurrency. But since UIGI wants its members to be successful, they provide a plethora of educational materials to refer to. Right on the homepage of their website, UIGI provides 10 videos instructing viewers on how to get their crypto wallets set up. There’s more than one type of wallet in the crypto world, which is why UIGI provides instructions on setting up more than one. They have separate videos focused on each type, such as TronLink, Coinbase, CashApp Bitcoin, Binance, Trust Wallet, and more.

Trustworthiness Is a Top Priority

Many people out there are hesitant to immerse themselves in the cryptocurrency world. There are many money-making schemes out there that prey upon unsuspecting investors. The leadership at UIGI realized this, and so made a concerted effort to prevent any scams from reaching their members.

One of the ways they ensure this is by only recommending platforms that come from within. If someone from the group brings an opportunity forward, the admins of the group vet it, discuss it amongst the board, hold meetings with the leadership of the new platform, and may even travel to meet organization representatives in person. Only when they are positive that this is a beneficial opportunity do they offer it to the rest of the UIGI group.

They’re Community-Focused

Lastly, it’s important to emphasize the fact that UIGI is community-focused first. They take their identity as a social club seriously and want all members to be successful in the crypto world. From economic uncertainty to the massive shift in how we work, it’s more important than ever to have a financially-focused community to rely on. This is one of the main appeals and benefits that UIGI has offered to members, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. You can check out everything and more at the official website.

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