Realchain Brings the Ultimate Platform for Luxury Purchasing of the Future

January 22nd, 2018 at 11:25 am UTC · 2 min read

RealChain Foundation Ltd has proudly announced that its all new RealChain Token (RCT) started trading on the global leading exchange platform Based on the blending of booming blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the company has recently published a White Paper in collaboration with TaoDangPu Co. Limited, which is also the strategic cooperation company of this upcoming blockchain platform. Moreover, RC is also bringing an entire ecosystem that will have futuristic implications.

“Our C2C business model is basically a decentralized business model between two persons, including but not limited to consuming goods and financial services.” said the spokesperson of RealChain, while introducing the new approach of the company.

“We are actually introducing a whole new ecosystem backed by high-end consumer goods based on block chain and collection identification data center.” He added. The complete timeline of project milestones are available on the website

RealChain Token (RCT) is a very good investment opportunity. Their security is world class.  RC is backed by a larger strategic cooperation company with a substantial market capital. Its integration with Artificial Intelligence as well as blockchain technology is a viable formula for success.

Working with RTC is also very simple. It uses mobile devices as this will make each appraiser an independent node, thereby greatly reducing deployment costs. In addition, the involvement of TaoDangPu can also make RealChain have a natural advantage. The partner institutions will directly be removed from the RealChain network if they are caught for illegal operations or fraud.

In addition, the RealChain Foundation is the R & D and operator of RealChain products. It will work closely with its strategic cooperation company TaoDangPu holdings to develop the next generation of high-end consumer goods trading system.

Moreover, RealChain aims to improve transaction transparency, reduce fraud risk and transaction cost by using blockchain technology and AI image recognition technology, in the sale of luxury goods, jewelry and art.

About TaoDangPu

Currently valued over $300 million, TaoDangPu was founded in 2013. Their investors include seven well-known global enterprises and large funds, such as JD Finance, 360 Finance, Blue-Run Ventures, Trust Bridge Partners and Northern Light Ventures etc.

It is one of the world’s largest high-end consumer goods finance and service platforms. The company has won several awards over the years, which makes it stand proudly in the list of top 10 internet financial innovation enterprises in China.