Renovi and Aftermath Islands Partner to Improve Metaverse Experiences

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Renovi and Aftermath Islands Partner to Improve Metaverse Experiences
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The collaboration will support the creator and innovator community of Aftermath Islands and help them create additional revenue opportunities from the metaverse.

Niche NFT marketplace Renovi is partnering with Aftermath Islands to improve metaverse experiences through shared innovation. Together, the partners will build immersive, interactive, and functional Metaverse projects.

According to Gartner, global spending on Metaverse technologies will increase, with the metaverse tipped as the next big thing. For 2022, the market for the metaverse was valued at USD 61.8 billion. Despite the heavy spending and market size, metaverse experiences remain sub-par.

Several metaverse projects and virtual reality applications have failed to deliver the seamless visual experiences that users expect. Poor visuals, awkward gameplay, and lack of immersiveness have left users unsatisfied. Consequently, there is a vacuum and a desire for better user-focused projects.

It is this space that Renovi and Aftermath Islands will be looking to fill.

How the Collaboration Will Improve Metaverse Experiences

Already, the Aftermath Islands Metaverse provides high-resolution graphics with realistic representations of digital assets. Additionally, the firm plans to announce the early-stage Beta version of its first virtual island in the coming weeks. On its part, Renovi creates, develops, and helps companies implement their Web3 strategies.

Together, both parties will host a buildathon to encourage 3D architects for buildings, event spaces, wearables, and interior design elements. This will be usable in the Aftermath Islands. Also, they will consider creating a joint marketplace program that’ll allow assets created on Aftermath Islands Metaverse to be sold as NFTs.

Managing Director of Aftermath Islands, David Lucatch noted his excitement at the partnership. Lucatch believes the collaboration will support the firm’s creator and innovator community and help them create additional revenue opportunities from the metaverse.

Further, he said:

“One of our primary goals at Aftermath Islands is to partner with great organizations like RENOVI to offer a wider range of services and offerings for our players and our growing community of developers.”

Likewise, Andy Charalambous, Co-Founder of Renovi noted that the niche marketplace was working to make the metaverse as beautiful, functional, and effective as possible. He said:

“We do this using custom-built and designed NFTs, art, and related virtual assets.”

Charalambous believes that the metaverse platform provides the perfect platform for architects, 3D designers, and creators to build. “We look forward to showcasing all that we have to offer over the coming weeks and months,” concluded he.

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