Rentberry is a Home Rental Platform of the Future

Place/Date: USA - December 7th, 2017 at 11:26 am UTC · 4 min read
Source: Rentberry

Rentberry, the transparent home rental service unites tenants and landlords and allows for rental price and security deposit negotiations. All the standard rental tasks are automatic now! Rentberry makes efficient the long-term rental process for both tenants and landlords.

Due to secure rental environment and auction transparency, all potential tenants can submit custom offers and equally participate in the transparent application process for the apartments. This means fair and true market price for the property that benefits both the landlord and the tenant. Rentberry Platform includes every step of home rental relations from submission of personal information, credit reports, and custom offers to e-signing of rental agreements.

Founded in 2015, Rentberry is considered an extremely successful business that attracted substantial investment from companies all over the globe including China, Australia, and Great Britain. As of today, Rentberry operates in the US covering about 5,000 cities and processed more than 4,000 applications and 224,000 properties. The founders are aware of international home rental issues and plan to expand their platform into the countries of Europe and Asia.

Why do thousands of people use Rentberry?

The current conditions of the long-term rental process are dreadful. Long-term home rental processes are considered to be exceedingly time-consuming when done by hand, and costly when middlemen are involved.

Naturally, it’s nothing but headache for both tenants and landlords. As global practice shows, tenants freeze millions of dollars in rental security deposits every time they undergo rental procedures. As a matter of fact, almost $500bn is frozen in long-term rental security deposits. Moreover, there’s no internationally recognized insurance or savings that could be used by renters.

Rentberry’s mission is to become the solution for all of these problems. Crowdsourcing allows the members of the Rentberry community to cover a portion of rental security deposits in exchange for rewards (yearly interest rate paid by the tenant who received a financial backing).

In practice, this unlocks millions of dollars and reduces financial burden for tenants. Platform services are provided in a friendly-user format with the option to accept or reject any application with a single click.

For tenants and landlords, this translates into efficient and high-quality long-term rental relations within a single resource.Rentberry eliminates the need for middleman, hassle of paperwork, and other manual tasks.

You can complete different tasks of long-term rentals: search for properties, make offers, screen alternatives, select the most suitable candidates, negotiate the terms, unlock rental security deposits, e-sign contracts, pay the rent, submit maintenance requests, and stay connected with your landlords/tenants.

All the rental relations and payments within the Rentberry platform are completed in unique currency, Rentberry token (BERRY). It was designed to standardize global approach to the long-term rental process, with all transactions completely secure.

The Auctioning Technology’s core powered by BERRY tokens ensures that landlords price their properties reasonably, while potential tenants have full visibility on competing offers. In addition, BERRY tokens allow tenants to sign rental documents and make payments. You can convert your ETH or BTC into BERRY at a fixed exchange rate that is mentioned below.

Rentberry ICO

Main Sale of Rentberry Tokens (BERRY) starts on December 5 and lasts until February 28. Here are some significant details:

  • Fixed Limit – 30,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap – 3,000,000 USD
  • Exchange 1 ETH = 2,500 BERRY
  • Minimal Purchase – 0.1 ETH (250 BERRY)

Main Sale will include 5 stages, during which you’ll get specified number of bonuses:

  • Dec 5 – Dec 19 – 33% Bonus
  • Dec 20 – Dec 26 – 27% Bonus
  • Dec 27 – Jan 16 – 20% Bonus
  • Jan 17 – Jan 26 – 13% Bonus
  • Jan 31 – Feb 26 – 7% Bonus

The Initial Token Sale process is wholly transparent: Rentberry will notify users about the total number of BERRY tokens in circulation at the end of ITS. Rentberry will not create any new BERRY after the Rentberry Initial Token Sale.