Retail Giant Announces Massive 25% Discount off All Online Stock

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Retail Giant Announces Massive 25% Discount off All Online Stock
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One of the major online marketplaces has announced a great sale. The prices of all the stocks are reduced by 25%.

It has become known that one of the major e-commerce platforms in the UK,, has taken a decision to offer a unique 25% discount sale of its stocks.

Company’s Business

On the platform, you can find more than 70 million various products including home electronics, gardening tools, books, and many other things. And all of them are being sold at lower prices if compared with the main platform’s rival –

The main aim of the company is to provide a new approach to selling and buying goods online. It strives to help people get benefits from the new technologies that are developed to open new opportunities for online shopping.

The core idea presupposes enabling clients to purchase more and pay less and to offer merchants a possibility to earn more from increasing their trading volumes.

Online Shopping and New Technologies has very serious requirements that should be met by sellers if they want to offer their products on the platform. Before being accepted they need to pass through a verification procedure which helps to increase the level of security for customers.

Every week, more than a million of new products are added to and all of them are offered at lower prices than on many other platforms. Nevertheless, innovative technologies and new developments in the sphere of e-commerce may bring even more changes to traditional online marketplaces.

Last year, the platform was acquired by MonetaryUnit which led to the transforming the platform into the largest cryptocurrency-powered marketplace in the world.

Speaking about their initiative, the founder of the MonetaryUnit Blockchain project, Byron Barnard, said:

“Our mission is to show why digital currencies will benefit you. We believe offering these massive savings will be the breakthrough for mass adoption. What better way to do it than by creating the cheapest online marketplace in the world?”

Thanks to the acquisition and implementation of blockchain technology, Flubit has got an opportunity to concentrate more on enhancing transactions speed and security. Moreover, those customers who use the platform’s native MUE (MonetaryUnit) digital currency can receive a significant discount.

Flubit’s Co-Founder and CEO, Bertie Stephens, stated:

“We have never before seen savings like this for online shoppers. Where else can you get significant savings on Amazon prices? This “25% off” offer applies to all of the millions of items we sell. We believe this is set to disrupt online shopping and really bring into focus the huge benefits that can be realized when using digital currencies as a method of payment”.

To facilitate all the processes for its clients and enhance their experience, the company has prepared an easy guide for them which explains to shoppers how to work with a digital wallet and make orders. Moreover, you can also conduct payments using BTC, LTC and ETH.

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