Revolutionary Influencer Platform Patron Announces the Dates of Its Pre-TGE

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Revolutionary Influencer Platform Patron Announces the Dates of Its Pre-TGE

Japanese blockchain-based influencer platform, Patron, has revealed the details of its forthcoming pre-TGE after successfully completing the stage of private sale.

Having successfully raised $10 million during the stage of private sale, Japan-based decentralized influencer platform Patron has announced the dates for its pre-Token Generation Event (TGE).

The official start is set on February 14, 2018, so as to accomplish the task by February 28 in order to feed into the main stage of event planned to begin on March 1. All contributions made during this period of time will be granted with generous 50% bonus. The total cap of the forthcoming pre-TGE is estimated at $20 million.

Garnering widespread acclaim and support for its visionary marketplace for influencers, Patron is already one of the most successful blockchain projects out of Japan. Being based on blockchain technology, the platform connects brands with influencers within a safe, secure, and fair mobile ecosystem.

Patron focuses on the main issue currently facing influencers – exposure and negotiation. Despite a great variety of features and services offered by the majority of social media platforms, local influencers still have little leverage when it comes to gaining exposure or being hired. They have no other option but to regretfully watch the deserving gigs being snatched up by top influencers.

Atsushi Hisatsumi, Patron’s CEO and Founder, explained:

“Influencers have the power to change the world through creativity, art, and expression. The brand have noticed this and are increasingly adding influencer budgets into their marketing campaigns. This has created a situation of supply and demand global market that is currently fragmented. We want to bring all of these actions under the Patron platform and make the process fair, transparent, and secure.”

The platform has recently announced that popular cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC, will be the first exchange listing its Patron utility tokens after the TGE. This will encourage the creation of trading marketplace as well as provide the immediate liquidity of the tokens.

The company’s team plans to take a series of tours across the United States for interviews with Small Cap Nation and Nasdaq. The team is also scheduled to meet with investors and family offices in both New York City and Silicon Valley.

According to the recent announcements, Patron has added the former TechCrunch co-founder, Keith Teare, and Hashgraph’s advisor, David Cohen, to its advisory board, and partnered with one of the leading fundraising platforms, KICKICO, in the context of the forthcoming TGE event.

Patron represents a global blockchain project aiming to capitalize on the global influencer marketing industry. Built by local influencers in Japan, the Patron platform will offer a clean and transparent solution to both finding and booking influencer talent around the world. The platform will include both a web and mobile application, with the web app being released in Q1 2018.

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