Richard Iamunno Explains Crypto Trading Craze

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Richard Iamunno Explains Crypto Trading Craze
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Iammuno points out that a big reason for the crypto trading craze is the great potential of blockchain technology.

Richard Iammuno, global leader in boutique investments, works with countless individuals and businesses to help them incorporate crypto investing and blockchain technology into their portfolios and workflows. With regard to crypto trading, in particular, there has been a surge in interest over the last several years in the general public. But why exactly is this? Iammuno explains here why crypto trading has taken off so significantly and remains popular.

Growing Popularity as Currency

Part of the reason for this surge, says Richard Iammuno, is the actual functionality of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Because crypto can actually be spent as currency, it draws people who are interested in the ability to utilize its potential for transactions. This sets it apart from other popular asset classes, such as stocks or real estate.

Blockchain Technology Potential

Iammuno points out that another big reason for the crypto trading craze is the great potential of blockchain technology. Blockchain tech is not only applicable to crypto; it is already being utilized in many other industries to help maximize the workflows and efficiency of businesses. Because of this, blockchain is also a growing industry that is investable through various stocks, and that presents another opportunity to more indirectly invest in the momentum and value of cryptocurrency.

Richard Iamunno Explains Crypto Trading Craze

Richard Iammuno Recommends Investing Soon

In the end, says Iammuno, you can’t benefit from the great upsides that crypto has to offer if you don’t actually invest in it. He recommends starting small but taking the bold step of beginning to invest some of your portfolio in reliable cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) to help round out your investment portfolio. The earlier you start, the better, as long as you understand the volatile nature of crypto and are able to be patient to see the growth that you want for your investment.


Richard Iamunno, Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic International Capital Digital Assets Group, serves high-net-worth individuals in expanding their investment portfolios successfully into the cryptocurrency and NFT spaces. His three decades of experience as a global leader in these areas make him an excellent resource for all of his clients. In his current role, he provides guidance to companies for incorporating blockchain into their systems, consults with individuals and companies for their overall investments, and supports college athlete sponsorships.

Iamunno is motivated to help both individuals and businesses find the answers they’re looking for in the ever-expanding cryptocurrency space, and he is excited about what the future holds for these digital assets and those who are willing to invest in them today. Iammuno graduated from Drake University as a business and political science major. Yachting is one of his best-loved pastimes, and he especially enjoys a beautiful day outside.

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