Richverse Web3, the First-ever BitCoke Launchpad IEO Project, Is Now Open for Subscription

April 8th, 2022 at 4:57 pm UTC · 2 min read

BitCoke, an industry-leading crypto exchange for professional traders, has launched its first IEO project – Richverse Web3, and the subscription is in progress! The just-concluded community public offering has completed the subscription of over US$9.35 million, which is 27 times more than expected. In response to the strong request of the community, BitCoke Launchpad subscription was officially opened to public subscription on March 31.

As described on BitCoke’s official website, $COKE is the only token of the BitCoke ecological project, with a maximum supply of 1 billion pieces, no inflation, and a destruction mechanism. The increase has exceeded 772% since its launch.

So far, more than 3,653,065 $COKE tokens have been subscribed.

Subscription Period (UTC+0): March 31 – April 7

 Subscription Eligibility:

  • Only KYC-certified accounts are eligible to participate in the subscription.
  • BitCoke’s platform coin $COKE must be used to subscribe for $RIV; users can purchase $COKE in the spot market on the platform.
  • The minimum subscription for a single transaction is 10 $COKE.

Subscription Portal:

  • Website
  • Mobile App: Click on the in-app banner or the launch screen ad to enter.

*Please Note: With the continuous growth of the number of subscribed $COKE, when over-subscription occurs, the proportion of $RIV subscribed by the user’s invested $COKE will continue to decrease. The individual token hard cap is 1.5 million $RIV (about 260 USDT)

Subscription Schedule:

  • Tokens will be distributed at 12:00 am UTC on April 7th, and the over-subscribed $COKE will be returned to the user’s account together with $RIV.
  • On April 8, BitCoke is expected to list the RIV/USDT spot trading pair when the liquidity conditions are met.
  • On April 14, Hotbit Exchange is expected to launch $RIV spot trading.
  • On April 15, Richverse NFT will be open for pre-sale on Richverse’s official website.

About Richverse

Richverse is the world’s first SocialFi Web3.0 driven by XR technology, it was initiated by technical experts from Harvard and MIT. At present, it has received 3.75 million US dollars in a seed round investment from AKG Venture, Bitcoke, Hotbit DAO, R8 Capital, Metis, 7’o clock Labs, and other institutions. Among them, Richverse’s first product GENESIS has received ecological recognition and Grant support from Metis DAO.

Richverse socials: Twitter, Telegram$RIV community public sale.