Rising Exchange Fairdesk Plans a New Airdrop Round, Announces Fairdesk Token (FDT) Trading Pairs Early June 2022

April 20th, 2022 at 9:14 pm UTC · 2 min read

Rising Exchange Fairdesk Plans a New Airdrop Round, Announces Fairdesk Token (FDT) Trading Pairs Early June 2022

Fairdesk is a Singapore-based crypto trading platform founded by a professional team from Binance and Morgan Stanley. The team’s superior technical skills and operations have gained trust from global partners like Colibri Group, Clickia Media, and marketing and capital groups. Here’s why you should get into Fairdesk.

Currently, crypto futures markets have system vulnerabilities that cause safety issues and hold the space back. Fairdesk builds on its strength to create a globally integrated trading platform offering safe, reliable, and professional services for global investors and boost the blockchain industry’s growth.

Reinforced System

Everything from on-chain transactions, account and risk management to product offerings was designed to ensure system stability under heavy user load. The battle-tested tech team created a distinctive trading system that sets it apart from previously built exchanges.

FDT, the Token with Strong Utility

FDT is issued on BNB Chain and serves as the backbone of the Fairdesk ecosystem:

  1. FDT trading pairs will be available on Fairdesk in June 2022.

  2. All fees earned by Fairdesk are used for FDT buyback until half of FDT is burned.

  3. FDT to Bonus transfers are available at 1 FDT = 1.5 USDT rate.

  4. FDT enables up to 50% withdrawal fee discounts.

How you can get FDT:

  1. FDT Airdrop. Join the airdrop to share 10,000 FDT (approximately 10,000 USDT). Rewards will be distributed in June. Starting date and time will be disclosed on twitter and telegram official account.

  1. Referral rewards. Top 200 referrers will get FDT rewards based on the number of referrals. The top referrer can win 50 FDT(≈$50). The total reward pool for selected referrers is 2,000 FDT.

  1. Trade Mining Boost. Fairdesk adopts the Trade Mining model and distributes FDT among traders. Traders of any pairs with a trading volume > 10,000 USDT share the weekly FDT reward pool. Participants have a chance to boost rewards up to 200%.

  1. Share your PnL. Share screenshots of your Profit and Loss. Top traders by the number of trades get 50 FDT (worth 50 USDT) and all the participants are rewarded with FDT.

  1. FDT Savings. You can also put FDT into Fairdesk Savings to earn 30% APY. It’s the safest and easiest way to bring your wealth to the next level.

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