Russian-based Startup SGA Consulting Launched ICO to Expand its Services to U.S., UK, China, Japan

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Russian-based Startup SGA Consulting Launched ICO to Expand its Services to U.S., UK, China, Japan
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SGA Consulting is innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening and closing positions on the financial markets for profit clients.

SGA Consulting launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on September 21, 2017. It will last for 60 days and will end on November 21, 2017, according to the press release. SGA Coin tokens have already been generated for ICO, 80% of which will be sold during ICO, and 20% of which will be kept by the service developers.

The purpose of ICO is to expand services delivery geography and access to stock exchanges in countries such as USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan and so on.

The creators of SGA Consulting said about the need for such project because people were always interested in the question of where to get money and where to invest it. To speak about Russia, The Central Bank began to take away licenses from commercial banks every week and bank deposits became less reliable and safe. So SGA Consulting became a good alternative.

The essence of the service is that the client receives an automatic consultation for online securities. The system automatically analyzes the situation on the market and decides which securities, when and at what price to buy or sell automatically. Clients will receive a special notification via SMS or by e-mail.

If you are a client of this project, you only need to strictly follow the received trading recommendations. There is no need for certain knowledge or education, the system will do everything for you. You do not have to spend a lot of time on this, only a few minutes to open and close positions in the financial markets in accordance with the received trading recommendations. Such system can be relied on because of minimum risk, complete absence of the human factor and fully automated process.

According to the press release, in case of a successful ICO and attract the required amount of cash:

  • SGA Consulting services will be recognized throughout the world and available to citizens of many countries.
  • The number of clients using the service of SGA will grow thousands of times.
  • The number of international exchanges, subject to service SGA Consulting, will reach 25.
  • To the tradable instruments (shares), in which customers receive trading recommendations, will be added to the futures, indices, derivatives, currency pairs.
  • Crypto coin SGA will reach a value of $ 250 per unit, and in the future $1000 per unit .

SGA Сonsulting developers say that there are no analogues of such service in respect of the scheme of interaction between the service and clients and profitability on Russian market. Regarding profitability, the service brings to its clients the average income of 10%-17% of capital employed per month, which exceeds many times the profitability of most investment products offered today. Also the simplicity and accessibility of this service are worth noting, because to become a client and use the service you only need the availability of cash and mobile phone.

SGA Consulting developers are not limited to current achievements and schedule to implement the following before the end of the year:

  1. Using blockchain technology in SGA Consulting service. Company’s trade recommendations will apply blockchain technology with the aim of ensuring the transparency of trade recommendations quality for future clients, who will be able to obtain and evaluate authentic data of service work for the previous period.
  2. Increasing in the number of stock exchanges. The service developers promise that before the end of the year the service will provide trade recommendations regarding to another 24 leading stock exchanges in the world, including stock exchanges of the USA, China, Japan, Europe and so on.
  3. SGA Consulting service will be available in Russian, English and Chinese languages.

SGA Consulting developers suggest everyone to check the service quality and stated profitability rates chargeless using DEMO product, within which the service will automatically provide 7 trade recommendations for opening positions and 7 trade recommendations for closing positions. DEMO product is available for free on

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