SGA Consulting announced the date of ICO launching

October 5th, 2017 at 1:19 pm UTC · 7 min read

SGA Consulting ICO launching is scheduled for September 21, 2017, for the duration of 60 days. SGA Coin tokens have already been generated for ICO, 80% of which will be sold during ICO, and 20% of which will be kept by the service developers. The purpose of ICO is to expand services delivery geography and access to stock exchanges in countries such as USA, England, Germany, China, Japan and so on. Up to date SGA Consulting service is available for residents of Russia and CIS countries and provides trade recommendations in regard to stocks of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.

Let us remember that SGA Consulting service solves one of the most important issues for most people, it’s an open secret that today the following issues are the most important for almost every person: how to make money and where to invest available funds. In order to earn money a person often has to go to work every day and do the same type of work and be nervous whether his company suspends activities and not to be made redundant.

Concerning the question about where people place or invest available funds, things are more complicated here. Because investing in areas that can generate substantial income in the future initially require quite a few starting capital and serious knowledge that most people in our country do not possess. Also important is the risk associated with funds investment loss, which pushes people away from such thinking and actions.

So most people choose Bank Deposit as the main source of funds safekeeping and increasing. But taking into account the current situation in Russia, where the Central Bank of Russia revokes licenses from commercial banks every week, and inflation rate exceeds the interest rate on Bank Deposits, it’s impossible to achieve aims by placing funds in Bank Deposits.

However, from despair, citizens are placing free funds on Bank Deposits. According to official data at the beginning of 2017, invested funds of individuals on deposits in Russian banks are amounted to 34 trillion rubles.

Based on the foregoing, one can draw an obvious conclusion that Russian citizens have disposable funds, but have no options to invest them wisely, to get a higher passive or active income.

SGA Consulting team offers one of solutions of current situation.

SGA Consulting is an innovative and fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening/closing positions on the financial markets aimed to getting profit by clients.

The service essence is that the client receives automatic recommendations for online securities buying and selling on the stock exchange. The system automatically online analyses the situation in respect of each security on the stock market and decides which securities, when and at what price to buy or sell and automatically notify the client via SMS as well as duplicate information to the personal account and e-mail.

One of the service benefits is the fact that unlike most brokers that engage customers with high profitability, SGA Consulting does not take client funds in trust. It is also worth noting that a human factor in generating trade recommendations is completely eliminated. Service development began in 2014, and in 2017 the service became available for citizens use in Russia. Up to date, SGA Consulting service includes:

  • Symbiosis of more than ten years of trading experience of project developers, and neural technology
  • Automated system continually on-line analysis and monitoring of the situation on the financial markets
  • Web-site
  • Personal account with the subscription to the existing service packages
  • On-line payment for SGA Consulting service packages according to tariffs by payment cards of international payment systems.
  • Mobile apps for IOS and Android are available
  • There is an automatic generation and sending of SGA Consulting trading recommendations for operations on Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange MICEX. Recommendations are sent to clients via SMS. As well as recommendations are duplicated to the personal account and e-mail.
  • September 01, 2017 approximately 1 000 clients from Russia and CIS countries use SGA Consulting service.

It is worth noting that the developers experience is based on technical analysis, of course, with the use of technical indicators, some of which are the following:

  1. Bollinger Bands. The system indicator allowing you to clearly identify the current phase of traded instrument (“wide flat, trend up, trend down, lock, narrow flat, flat”). As well as the indicator shows the beginning of trades’ active phase of traded instrument and the level to which the price will move.
  2. Moving Average. The indicator allowing the system to further validate motion direction, the position opening price and stop loss level.
  3. CCI+Stochastic. The indicators allowing system to trade during phase “wide flat”.
  4. Candlestick Analysis. There are about 50 combinations of candles in the system such as “shooting star, flag, spike, foundling baby, contracting triangle, three crows, harami, tombstone, hanged, etc.” which the system takes into account during opening or closing positions.
  5. Price level system + Fractals. The system automatically builds price levels based on historical data, using the indicator “Fractals”, breaking of which causes opening or closing positions.
  6. Three Screens Rule. At the opening a position the situation is necessarily assessed at least at two higher time frames. As well as analysis of high time frame is assessed to close previously opened positions.
  7. Volume. The system strictly tracks the dynamics of trading volume on each trading instrument. First of all, the system automatically selects tradable instruments if they meet the required minimum of trading volume. As well as the volume indicator is used for opening and closing positions at price levels getting.
  8. ATR. This indicator, associated with an average range of candlestick, helps the system to reveal a trend beginning on-time and an entry point into position together with other indicators.

In addition to these technical indicators the system takes into account additional factors, such as candle body size of level breaking, ex-dividend date (stocks), gaps size appeared before or during price level getting, volume of trade operations downfall, number of rising or falling candles in a row, abnormal candles availability, all time-high of traded instrument availability, trend’s movement angle and so on.

SGA Сonsulting developers state that there are no analogues of such service in respect of the scheme of interaction between the service and clients and profitability on Russian market. Regarding profitability, it is worth noting that according to the developers, the service brings to clients the average income of 10% (and in some specific trade recommendations for securities of the energy sector 12-17%) of capital employed per month, which exceeds many times the profitability of most investment products offered today. Also the simplicity and accessibility of this service are worth noting, because to become a client and use the service you only need the availability of cash and mobile phone.

SGA Consulting developers are not limited to current achievements and schedule to implement the following before the end of the year:

  1. Using blockchain technology in SGA Consulting service. SGA Consulting trade recommendations will apply blockchain technology with the aim of ensuring the transparency of trade recommendations quality for future clients, who will be able to obtain and evaluate authentic data of service work for the previous period.
  2. Increasing in the number of stock exchanges. The service developers promise that before the end of the year the service will provide trade recommendations regarding to another 24 leading stock exchanges in the world, including stock exchanges of the USA, China, Japan, Europe and so on.
  3. SGA Consulting service will be available in Russian, English and Chinese.

SGA Consulting developers suggest everyone to check the service quality and stated profitability rates chargeless using DEMO product, within which the service online automatically will provide 7 trade recommendations for opening positions and 7 trade recommendations for closing positions. DEMO product is available chargeless on website

Disclaimer: SGA Consulting is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest