Safein Announces the Pre-Sale Token Event for Its Revolutionary Identity Payment Platform

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Safein Announces the Pre-Sale Token Event for Its Revolutionary Identity Payment Platform
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Safein, an identity and payments wallet, has announced the pre-sale event for its revolutionary identity payment platform, which will start on April 3, 2018.

After a successful completion of whitelist registration, the Safein team is pleased to announce the pre-sale event for its revolutionary identity payment platform, which will start on April 3, 2018. The pre-sale is set to be the official launch of the platform’s native token, SFN. The pre-sale has been split into two specific rounds, each offering a very generous bonus structure.

During the first round, the participants will be able to purchase 12,000 SFN for the rate of 1 Ethereum with a 71% bonus. In total, 12,000,000 SFN tokens will be sold during this stage. The second pre-sale round will give contributors an opportunity to buy SFN tokens for the rate of 1 Ethereum to 10,500 SFN.

The main sale is set to be launched on April, 25, 2018, starting at 13:00 UTC. The softcap for the whole token event timeline is estimated at 6,000 ETH, and the hard cap at 40,000 ETH. During the main sale, early contributors will be granted with a 29% bonus.

The Safein platform also opens investors access to its live and usable MVP as a prime chance to experience what the company actually does before contributing. After simply downloading the App and passing a quick registration, users get an opportunity to immediately store their identity and currencies. The Safein team believes that only hard work is the true key to building a trust between businesses and customers.

Having estimated the current issues caused by identity theft and personal data breaches, the company sees the best way to eliminate such problems in close communication with its users. Therefore, Safein has developed three important features that will empower users to control the security level of their personal data.

The MVP offers a number of unique features. Users will be able to track and trace login credentials and location, whilst being able to look at live, active sessions. This enables users to spot any illicit activity, as well as to see a more detailed view of each login session. That’s how the platform proves to be highly secure and trustworthy, opening its users access to such details as which device exactly was being used and if the data was shared with a third party.

Safein represents itself an identity and payments wallet focused on both sides of the business: full privacy control for users and free user’s identities verification for merchants. Moreover, it offers a unique token model where merchants will be able to pay for transactions by holding the native SFN token. Merchants can basically pay for their future payment fees with a great discount during the token event.

Safein is a blockchain-based single sign-in digital asset wallet, which opens its users an opportunity to access websites and KYC registers in just one click. This eliminates the need for people to verify numerous accounts on many occasions. In such a manner, Safein gives all the control back to the users, the people who are the subjects of the data.

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