SafePal Introduces Innovative Airdrop Mechanism Wallet Holder Offering (WHO)

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SafePal Introduces Innovative Airdrop Mechanism Wallet Holder Offering (WHO)
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SafePal’s WHO mechanism is a unique and secure way of rewarding users via airdrops. The platform aims to simplify some redundant and costly tasks thereby allow blockchain project teams to focus on development.

On Tuesday, March 16, SafePal introduced its own innovative airdrop mechanism Wallet Holder Offering (WHO). This mechanism offers the first-of-its-kind reward allocation system.

Wallet Holder Offering is basically a rewards mechanism designed specifically for SafePal software and hardware wallet. These users also get access to the airdrop tokens from the SafePal ecological partners in a secure, decentralized and user-friendly way. the announcement further notes:

“To qualify SafePal Wallet users must have SFP token within their SafePal wallets, the amount of required SFP tokens will vary depending on the circumstances of the offering, such as reward allocation, tasks and timeline”.

The SafePal Wallet Holder Offering will serve as a bridge for users to learn and engage in different projects. Besides, WHO also allows blockchain projects to get valuable community feedback in a large and active user base. The three major characteristics of the WHO mechanism involve:

  1. Earn Via Learn: SafePal ensures a fair mechanism at play allowing users to safely earn rewards via the learning process.
  2. Simple and Easy: SafePal eliminates any complexity in rewards distribution by airdropping the rewarded tokens straight into the SafePal wallet.
  3. Secure and Fair: The SafePal App is completely secure in offering airdrop payments making sure that the users don’t fall prey to any scammy activities.

The official announcement from SafePal notes:

“As SafePal continues to build ecological partnerships with the quality projects in the crypto space, the partnerships will also bring exclusive rewards and airdrops to the community. And we want to make sure the rewards are placed in the right hands – your hands.”

Benefits of Using SafePal Wallet Holder Offering for Blockchain Projects

As said, SafePal employs the best methodologies for crypto airdrop models thereby achieving maximum output for new crypto projects. The SafePal Wallet Holder Offering blends standard, bounty, holder and exclusive airdrop models into one.

The new offering by SafePal provides better insights into the real user engagement in product usage and feedback. Besides, it also helps in reducing huge costs and capital expenditure associated with marketing funnels. As a result, quality project teams can continue to focus on product development.

The official announcement notes that early adopters of WHO will get special benefits on joining.

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