Sandbox, My Neighbour Alice, And Cryptoons Are Three Top NFT Coins To Add To Your Portfolio

Place/Date: - December 20th, 2022 at 5:04 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Sandbox, My Neighbour Alice, And Cryptoons Are Three Top NFT Coins To Add To Your Portfolio

You’ve heard about investing in NFT coins but don’t know where to start. This article will reveal three top NFT coins that are worth a buy. These include Sandbox ($SAND), My Neighbour Alice ($ALICE), and a manga-based project, Cryptoons ($CTOON).

Sandbox (SAND): Using NFTs To Further Crypto

Sandbox is a decentralized virtual reality game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Sandbox is a platform that enables the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in an interactive and immersive environment. The players of these games get to build and decorate their land spaces with these NFTs. Many unique assets in the Sandbox game is an NFTs. From the land spaces to the building materials, they are all NFTs.

Sandbox, My Neighbour Alice, And Cryptoons Are Three Top NFT Coins To Add To Your PortfolioSandbox, My Neighbour Alice, And Cryptoons Are Three Top NFT Coins To Add To Your Portfolio

The game provides two tools that will enable builders to create unique assets. There is the Game Maker and the Voxel Editor. Developers can use the Game Maker tool to build games on land spaces. Regular creators can use the Voxel Editor to create in-game assets.

Aside from the in-game asset NFTs, there are two main tokens on the platform. The tokens include LAND and SAND. LAND is an NFT that represents land spaces in the Sandbox. However, you can only purchase LAND with the SAND tokens. SAND is Sandbox’s utility token, which helps in making and receiving payments.

SAND is not just used for purchasing LAND spaces. It can also be used to buy other NFT assets in the Sandbox. So, as long as the Sandbox thrives, its utility token, SAND, will grow. Hence, you should keep your eyes on it.

My Neighbour Alice (ALICE): Farming Game With NFTs

My Neighbour Alice is an NFT game that incentivizes its players. It is a farming activity kind of game. Users get to go beehive, insect-keeping, or keep plants. They engage in these activities as a group or as an individual. So, the more users play, the higher the reward they get and the higher their rank.

Like Sandbox, players in My Neighbor Alice can decorate their surroundings with in-game assets. Most times, these assets are plants, flowers, or trees. There is also the NFT creator that can be used for designing these elements. Plus, game developers can maximize the Game Builder to make games for other players.

One intriguing aspect of this game is its economy. The game has a well-structured decentralized finance economy. Users can stake their tokens for interest. They can also lend and borrow tokens, thanks to smart contracts. Plus, the tokens can be traded within the game’s marketplace or any external marketplace.

The game also has a unique feature that locks 10% of the cost of an NFT during purchase. It does this so that when that NFT is burnt, the owner can retrieve the 10%. Aside from that, users can also use their NFTs in lending protocols as collateral.

All these utilities give the game value, which can ripple on its token, ALICE.

Cryptoons (CTOON): Cartoon & Manga Meets Crypto

Cryptoons is an NFT platform that focuses specifically on the comic niche. They empower comic creators with the right tools to help tokenize their art. Cryptoons has two powerful solutions that it offers to the comic industry, and they include NFT Factory and Comic Launchpad.

Sandbox, My Neighbour Alice, And Cryptoons Are Three Top NFT Coins To Add To Your Portfolio

The NFT Factory is a decentralized marketplace that enables creators to upload their works, convert them to NFTs, and manage sales. The Factory also allows users to connect with their favorite creators.

The Comic launchpad is a simple collaborative tool for people in the comic industry. It helps in the management of a comic project, from ideation to sales.

The Cryptoons have a utility token called CTOON. This token facilitates transactions in the Cryptoons protocol. You can learn more about Cryptoons below.

For more on Cryptoons (CTOON): Presale, Website, Telegram.

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