SatoshiPay Partners with UK News Website ‘The Register’ to Trial XLM Micropayments

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SatoshiPay Partners with UK News Website ‘The Register’ to Trial XLM Micropayments
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More and more companies are joining the crypto world starting with acceptance of crypto payments. Now users of The Register will be allowed to pay in XLM.

SatoshiPay has announced an establishment of their first official partnership with a large news web portal. Now UK’s major tech news outlet called The Register will utilize SatoshiPay for selling its digital content. To mark such a great event, SatoshiPay will award their users with 1,000,000 Stellar lumens (XLM tokens ) as free credit.

Thanks to the created collaboration, users will be allowed to use Stellar Lumens on SatoshiPay for purchasing articles and books of the Register as an e-book just in one click. The Register has been already get prepared to provide its freshest read The Geek’s Guide to Britain in an e-book format. But it is not that part of the deal that has made news.  As the most important side of this launch is that users will have an opportunity to do it with cryptocurrency.

The collaboration with the cryptocurrency payments platform will enable The Register to support a cryptocurrency micropayment option for some concrete content presented on the website. Users will have a chance to purchase SatoshiPay credits in the form of Stellar Lumens (XLM) via The Register’s platform. These credits can be utilized for buying e-books. Moreover, they can be used for payments on other websites that SatoshiPay.

Though SatoshiPay has already established cooperation with various firms, the management team has special hopes about namely this partnership as The Register is a renowned name in the industry that greatly contributes to the mass adoption of digital currency.

Founder and CEO at SatoshiPay Meinhard Benn said: “The way people consume media is changing and technology is playing a huge role in evolving publishers’ content payment methods and sources of income. We see blockchain technology and Stellar in particular as a significant enabler of this evolution”.

“With micropayments, publishers can cater for their readers’ demand for reduced advertising, whilst charging a small fee for viewing content. This is SatoshiPay’s first entry into mainstream publishing in the UK and we are proud to have partnered with one of the most outspoken and celebrated technology publications in the world in a venture that could change the digital publishing landscape forever,” explained he.

SatoshiPay is continuously working on improvement of their Stellar network based transaction system. They have enhanced multi-signature handling, launched more advanced fraud protection and increased stability of their custom Stellar wallet. The cooperation between SatoshiPay and Stellar is being constantly strengthened with a view to promote cryptocurrencies and the latest technologies among the wide audience.

Commenting their joint new launch with The Register Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation, said: “This is an exciting moment for Stellar and the cryptocurrency community as a whole, as it represents one of the first mainstream uses of blockchain payments in reaching millions of consumers.”

According to the information provided by CoinMarketCap, Stellar coin (XLM), that has a market cap of more than $4 bln, is currently traded at $0.26. Nevertheless, a lot of experts believe that the coin may reach $1-$2 in 2018.

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