Interview with Sean Windle: MoonBoots Co-founder Speaks on Crypto Industry

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Interview with Sean Windle: MoonBoots Co-founder Speaks on Crypto Industry
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MoonBoots Co-founder believes that freen energy, mobile communication, finance, NFTs, and gaming could benefit the most from using crypto/blockchain technology.

Sean Windle, a.k.a. Bullrun Gravano, is an IT expert born and raised in the US, specifically, in New Jersey. As a young man, he was quickly drawn to the IT sector, where he spent the next 20 years, learning how it ticks, and unknowingly gathering up knowledge and experience that had later meant a lot to him once the crypto industry went big, and he decided to give it a go.

This 20-year history in IT has given him plenty of experience, particularly his work with Finance and Unified Communications. Those initial experiences with crypto trading must have been challenging, but fortunately, his entrance into the crypto sector took place in 2017, during the largest crypto bull run in history up to that point. Unlike many, he did not give up on crypto when the tables turned in 2018. Instead, he found a way to push through, even becoming a Twitter influencer, and eventually developing his own community on Telegram, known as The GoodFellas. Eventually, he found new partners with which he co-founded MoonBoots, and expanded his GoodFellas community.

You have a rich work history in IT. Where did you work and how did that help you once cryptocurrencies attracted your eye? 

I come from a 20 year career in the IT industry, with focus on service delivery, program and operations management. I have years of experience in unified communications, cloud computing, telecom and more. As my career progressed, I became more involved in contracts, statements of work, and other deliverables. I did spend several years working in the finance industry, as I managed engineers who worked at Morgan Stanley. This was where I gained my experience in trading. A few years of working in equity research and walking the trade floor were enough to help me with my transition into trading and investing crypto.

And, once you entered crypto, which projects did you go for?

I was clueless, haha. I followed mainstream news, random Twitter influencers, etc. I did make a wide investment in Ethereum back in 2017 but also made small investments in random microcaps that never panned out.

That first bull ride of 2017 has been a wild ride. Did it provide you with any insight?

Sure. It taught me not to trade with emotion. I could have made serious profit in 2017 but I rode some assets to all-time highs then held them too long as many retraced 80-90%. I realized that I needed more time to learn and perfect my craft, It simply isn’t as easy as showing up and making millions. You have to put in the time.

Following that first major bull run, the crypto world started to change drastically. As someone who has been there for years, what changes did you notice over the years?

Cream rises to the top. That doesn’t just apply to investors and traders.2017-2018 saw an overabundance of projects that hit the market but had no utility. They were clear money grabs with multiple red flags. Anonymous teams (they all hid behind the excuse of “we are a privacy token”), missing white papers, no clients, no partnerships, etc. I’ve seen so much positive change over the last 18 months. A couple of years ago, utility beyond transactional tokens and privacy tokens was limited. Now, with the emergence of Defi, NFTs, gaming, and unique blockchains that address scalability, speed, and security, we see real utility that institutional investors can get behind. It’s become easier to manage risk by simply investing in projects that show world class utility and functionality.

I noticed you have an interesting Twitter alias, Bullrun Gravano. How did you come up with the name?

I’m American (New Jersey) with Irish and Italian descent. The Sopranos happens to be my all time favorite series and James Gandolfini was a north Jersey guy. The Gravano part, well…I’m old school too. Anyone growing during my time knew who John Gotti was, and of course, his hitman Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. So…”Bullrun” Gravano. Nothing more than a little play on words. Nothing like who I am though, but I had fun with it.

Speaking of Twitter, your account wasn’t always public. When did you decide to change that, and why?

I went public only a few months ago. For years, I was simply posting my opinions on Twitter and didn’t want to put my privacy at risk. There’s a dark side to Twitter and not everyone has good intentions. When I became a Co-founder of Moonboots Capital, I felt the need to show an element of professionalism and transparency, so I decided it was best to go public. My public Twitter can be found here.

Your MoonBoots team-up has been a major step in your career. How did that come to pass?

I came on board as a Co-founder a few months ago. The founding partners were “crypto friends’ ‘ of mine who had been frequent contributors in my Goodfellas telegram community while operating their own community in Moonboots. We had a few situations where we worked with the same projects and we also shared some similar viewpoints and business goals of our own. After several conversations, they proposed a merger of our two communities and I come on board as a Co-founder to create a KOL presence and help lead our business development arm of the venture.

The Moonboots official Twitter can be found following the link. And we also have an official website.

What exactly is MoonBoots about, in your own words?

I call Moonboots a Full-Service Venture Capital. While we do provide capital fundraising for new projects, we also pride ourselves on being a long-term strategic partner. We offer advisory services, business development, PR, KOL and influencer support, and brand education through our panthers at Grow crypto. We have one of the most wide-reaching networks of partners in the business, whether that be marketing, engineering, exchanges or launchpads such as Equinox.

Do you have any insight regarding some other projects out there? Which do you think have the most potential?

Unizen is my biggest bet right now. It’s a CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX’s and DEX’s.

I’m a big fan of Layer 1 platforms such as Moonriver and eventually Moonbeam.

I’ve also been invested in Hathor, which addresses scalability, speed, and price of gas.

Definitely excited about World Mobile, which aims to connect those to mobile networks via the blockchain. They have their focuses set on Africa right now. I’m also looking forward to identity ownership projects such as KILT and excited for a ton of gaming projects, which I think will be the most successful niche of 2022.

Finally, tell us what sectors do you think could benefit the most from using crypto/blockchain technology?

Green energy, mobile communication, finance, NFTs, and gaming. I think gaming might actually be the biggest benefactor.

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