ShareBits: Tip Anyone Crypto Tokens via Twitter in Seconds, New Blockchain Tech From BitShares, OpenLedger, CCEDK and Beyond Bitcoin

Place/Date: Blokhus, Denmark - February 19th, 2016 at 8:00 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: CCEDK

Two thought leaders in the crypto space have announced the launch of a new disruptive blockchain based social media tipping platform, ShareBits, that has already been mentioned in outlets like Forbes.

A collaboration between Ronny Boesing of Danish exchange CCEDK and Justin Fondriest, founder of Beyond Bitcoin, will make tip-bot facilities available to businesses and individuals who want to distribute cryptocurrency tokens as part of their marketing and engagement strategies.

The Sharebot is built on second-generation cryptocurrency platform Bitshares, enabling anyone to send tokens from an ordinary social media account and have them arrive in just seconds. The bot currently supports Twitter, Reddit and URL links to deliver tokens, but with the introduction of an open-source API this list will expand to any social network or forum developers want to include.

Anyone can also easily create crypto tokens to be virally distributed through Twitter, Reddit and URLs on ShareBits, by utilizing OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange and blockchain creation platform. Both ShareBits and user created tokens can also be exchanged for Bitcoin, BitShares, and many other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat such as USD and EUR through OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange platform.

Marketing to millennials with ‘gamification’

The millennial demographic is highly tech-savvy and notoriously difficult to reach through conventional advertising.

‘They are typically looking for a more authentic experience, for meaningful connection,’ comments Ronny. ‘If you gain their trust they can be fiercely loyal to your brand, but they won’t give you something for nothing. Those questions of value and trust are something we are directly addressing with blockchain technology.’

The sharebot enables corporations and other organisations to reward loyal customers and supporters by distributing crypto tokens to them – fast, secure and holding a value of their own, set by their utility and the market. They can then redeem these for products and services, or send them to friends and family – attracting new customers to the business. Such ‘gamification’, or the integration of game-like principles like competition, point-scoring and rewards into marketing efforts, has proved extremely successful.

‘Basically, if you make something fun, it will market itself,’ adds Ronny.

Beyond Business

Underpinned by MIT-licensed Graphene technology, the Sharebot opens a raft of new opportunities for innovators in this space by making it incredibly easy to send and receive cryptographically secured tokens. The possible use-cases stretch far beyond conventional consumer marketing.

‘It would take just three seconds for any of the world’s humanitarian organisations – WFP, CARE, OXFAM, IFRC, AAH, and so on – to transfer money across the globe using Twitter or other social media. Supporters could donate to needy parties after a mudslide or earthquake, with well over 90% of value reaching its intended destination, something unheard of in with our present infrastructure.’

Sharebot does not presuppose a particular business model, but provides the tools to enable businesses and developers to create their own applications based on the fast, secure and innovative network on which it is built.

ShareBits’ Revenue Generating Token

To celebrate Valentines Day, a day for sharing, a sharedrop of Sharebits – the system’s native token, which offers revenues based on the Sharebot’s future income – was carried out over 24 hours, starting on 14 February. 60% of all Sharebits tokens were distributed to the community in the interests of following the Sharebot’s own mantra of ‘Kickstarting the Sharing Economy’. 20% of the 250,000 tokens were given to those who donated to the development drive. Another 40% of the total was sent to the holders of BROWNIE.PTS – the personal token that Bytemaster, lead dev of BitShares, has given to those in the community who freely volunteer to bring this liberating technology to the world.

About OpenLedger

Decentralized exchange platform OpenLedger enables anyone to easily create and begin virally distributing blockchain based crypto tokens immediately through the ShareBits platform. ShareBits themselves can also be traded for Bitcoin, BitShares, and many other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat such as USD and EUR through OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange platform.

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