ShareRing Assists Shops, Communities amid COVID-19 Pandemic with On-Demand Marketplace

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Photo: ShareRing
Photo: ShareRing

ShareRing states that their delivery network can deliver a customer’s order from the chosen shop within a 2-hour timeframe. This could be a game-changer for local communities and businesses.

Piloting in Melbourne, ShareRing aims to serve local shops and communities with their new on-demand marketplace. The marketplace will allow any small businesses to quickly deliver their products and serve their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Pandemic Disrupts Communities around the World

Strict travel restrictions and quarantine measures are halting the global economy, causing disruption and great concern for communities and small shops around the world.

Consequently, due to the nature of lockdowns and uncertainty of what the future holds, many find it increasingly difficult to buy the supplies they need with rampant overbuying. Supermarkets are now seen to be limiting items of goods purchased per person, to try to ease the stress on supply.

Furthermore, in an event of a pandemic such as COVID-19, small shops struggle to keep their doors open as customer numbers diminish.

This shows a clear weakness in current marketplace services today. Shops do not have an easy or cost-effective way to deliver their goods to customers quickly, as partnering with established delivery services is an expensive and a time-consuming process, therefore, amidst a pandemic like COVID-19, shops have almost no opportunity to provide a delivery service.

Support for Melbourne with ShareRing’s New On-Demand Marketplace

Initially piloting in Melbourne, ShareRing’s on-demand marketplace found here will work with their delivery network across Australia to carry out fast deliveries on online orders between buyer and seller. According to ShareRing, their on-demand platform enables small businesses to effortlessly sign up, add their own products and use ShareRing’s enterprise-ready solutions, free of charge.

ShareRing states that their delivery network can deliver a customer’s order from the chosen shop within a 2-hour timeframe. This could be a game-changer for local communities and businesses as current delivery services struggle to keep up with demand.

Tim Bos, ShareRing CEO, issued this comment:

“We are excited to provide Australia’s first on-demand market; helping to support communities during this worldwide crisis.

The ShareRing market will be free to join for shops in Australia, with hassle-free onboarding and enterprise-ready solutions, shops can easily add their inventory and quickly serve their local communities.

Our delivery network of drivers, including merchants who sign up to the marketplace, will need to be verified through ShareRing’s innovative self-sovereign identity management module, named OneID, which allows customers to have complete confidence that their driver and order is as presented”.

ShareRing’s Shows Commitment to Supporting Australia’s Local Communities and Businesses

The on-demand marketplace will pilot in Melbourne to help relief local businesses and communities under stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to ShareRing, their marketplace will also scale quickly into other parts of Australia.

ShareRing state they are fully committed to supporting businesses in this pandemic and beyond, therefore, they are offering retailers front-end solutions to enable them to list their inventory for free on the marketplace, within 5 minutes.

With this brand new marketplace, shop owners in Melbourne will not be forced to close their doors, alternatively, they can turn their business into a delivery hub and continue to supply their customers with an on-demand, secure and easy way to purchase goods in these uncertain times.

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