Sharing Economy Based Social Network Corld Launches its Token Distribution Event for Early Adopters

Place/Date: Narva maantee 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia - November 15th, 2018 at 7:15 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Ayse Ekin Gunduz, Source: Corld

Sharing economy based social network Corld has just launched its Token Distribution Event to reach its initial adopters. Having aimed to build the future of social networking through a unique sharing economy model, Corld will share its advertisement revenues with users of the platform through its Cedium token. Both individuals and businesses will be able to use Cedium, which serves as the sole accounting unit of Corld, for all economic transactions made within the platform.

Share of Revenue from Advertisers to Users

Cedium will be the sole payment method for buying advertising space on Corld. Advertisers will make payments in Cedium by using “Corld Ad Platform”. Corld users will instantly receive a huge portion of advertising revenue in Cediums if they prefer to view relevant ads. Corld users will be able to obtain Cediums via “Cedium Rewards Pool”, which holds 15% of total Cedium supply. One third of the Rewards Pool will be distributed to initial users and will continue to be distributed as maximum equivalent of one third of the remainder per annum. Corld users will be able to use their Cediums to donate, make economic transactions or simply trade them on selected cryptocurrency exchanges after the Token Distribution Event ends on 31st of December.

“Corld Aims to Reach 10% Market Share”

Corld’s Co-Founder and CEO, Cem Unsal had this to say on the launch:

“Unlike established social networks, which create wealth only for the few by monetizing personal data, Corld will share its economic value with its users. We do not see the token distribution event as solely a crowdfunding initiative as Corld takes its strength from its ‘community first’ approach. We see our token holders not only our partners and investors but also the early adopters of our social platform. Currently there are 3.4 billion social media users worldwide. We aim to reach at least 1% of this audience in the next couple of years, and up to 10% of social media users worldwide in the long run. We know that there are millions of social media users out there, who will be the first adopters of the future of social networking by embracing a collaborative world’ philosophy.”

One Solution to Most Common Social Network Problems: “Journey”

Having identified the most common problems in today’s social media as the lack of freedom, privacy, collaboration, relevancy and audience understanding, Corld differs from established social networks by resolving these problems with a unique content sharing concept, the “Journey”. As a visual collection of experiences, passions, hobbies and events, Journey resides at the core of Corld platform. Corld users can share and explore life by creating journeys based on their preferences or following other users’ journeys instead of following profiles. Corld opens the path to a collaborative world by enabling users and their collaborators create content together in collaborative Journeys. With all of its features “Journey” system will give all Corld users an exceptional social networking experience by allowing total control on what to share, how to share and with whom to share.

Cedium Comes with Bonuses

The pre-TDE period, which started on the 5th of November, will continue until the 3rd of December. The initial token distribution period gives users to benefit from bonuses up to 30% when purchasing Cediums at The bounty campaign also began for Cedium with 5% of the total supply waiting to be distributed to bounty hunters.