Shell Coin, The Future Builder of Cross-border Liquidation Trust Chain

Place/Date: - May 18th, 2020 at 11:42 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Shell

Shell Coin, The Future Builder of Cross-border Liquidation Trust Chain

Recently, Shell, the world’s first cross-border clearing product based on blockchain technology, has launched its first digital currency, Shell Coin, through the strategic cooperation of its laboratory Triton Lab and Blackstone and Tether. The news pointed out that since the cross-border settlement product Shell has been launched in September 2019, the global market has now expanded to more than 60,000 people. At the same time, the number of enterprise organizations that use the Shell platform for liquidation has exceeded 10,000. The amount will reach US $ 5 billion in 2021. In order to continue to promote and ensure the clearing business of node workers, Shell Coin will be used to assess the credit risk of corporate institutional customers and as a pledge guarantee during corporate liquidation. The amount of Shell Coin held by corporate customers determines the liquidation quota and credit Incorporating the evaluation into consideration is the biggest purpose of the digital currency Shell Coin.

At present, in the global trade settlement, the credit ecosystem in the field of blockchain is still immature, and the traditional financial system’s settlement method gradually does not meet the needs of corporate institutions. Blockchain can be said to be the most ideal technical solution for “trust resolution”. Means lower costs and better collaboration. Among the many blockchain projects in the world, Shell Coin ’s credit rating practice can be said to be a real pragmatic operation. Internal information also talked about Triton Lab ’s plan to move Shell Coin in the direction of the main online line in the future and launch the world ’s first Credit chain based on enterprise assessment risk. Enterprises have the autonomy of enterprise credit data, and can decide to let the “on-chain data” be transferred credibly, so as to establish the enterprise’s credit rating, and finally use the credit rating to efficiently realize the financial credit chain between enterprises and enterprises and between enterprises and banks. Therefore, the issuance of Shell Coin is of great significance and has a wide range of application scenarios in the future.

The total circulation of Shell Coin is 100 million, and it is currently in the first stage of 15 million issuance. The original issue price starts from 0.1 US dollars. At present, only global node workers for the cross-border clearing product Shell can participate. Node workers from all over the world can participate in 30 rounds of pre-order placement, and each round will only release 500,000 credits. The 15 million pieces in the second phase are subscriptions from global corporate institutions. Professionals in the industry have assessed that the world’s first clearing product, Shell, is gaining popularity rapidly. Judging from the current number of Shell global workers and the amount of liquidation that companies participate in, the value of the Shell Coin transaction in the future will be expected to be from US $ 1 To the rapid rise of US $ 100, we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports of relevant Shell Coin.