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Signals Marketplace: Traders Build, Train and Monetize Crypto Trading Strategies

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Signals Marketplace: Traders Build, Train and Monetize Crypto Trading Strategies

Signals Network announces ICO for a marketplace, to be backed by massive historical data and computational power, helping people avoid cognitive overload and form more disciplined, and regimental trading.

Blockchain-based crypto trading platform Signals Network is now in the midst of a presale to raise funds for the development of a marketplace dedicated to help crypto traders develop trading strategies with the assistance of advanced machine learning algorithms.

Based in the Czech Republic, Signals hopes to bring together data scientists and crypto traders on a simple-to-use, user-oriented platform to assemble machine learning based trading strategies in a matter of clicks.

Machine learning: the emotion-free edge over human decision-making

Many crypto traders are familiar with the extreme volatility of cryptocurrency markets, which can experience huge swings in short periods of times, far outstripping the wildest performances and unpredictability in more conventional trading markets. This can make traders prone to emotional bias in nerve-wracking moments of volatility, particularly for novices.

This is where automated trading can help with forming more disciplined, regimental trading, allowing traders to adhere to their own strategies, and execute trades according to sound analysis.

Data science used by Signals is backed by incredible amounts of historical data and computational power, allowing for high levels of precision and complexity in decision-making by assimilating many variables.

With virtually unlimited computational power of machine intelligence, trading decisions can be made and executed many times faster than a human ever could, ensuring that the best opportunities are taken before they disappear.

Machine learning trading also means that traders benefit from big data insights derived from unstructured data noise and unseen patterns hidden in terabytes of data streams that would otherwise cause cognitive overload in a human trader.

Through its partnership with French blockchain-based cloud computing firm iExec, Signals is able to process extreme amounts of data with complex algorithmic computations.

The Signals solution

The Signals platform will give traders access to specific trading indicators developed by a range of technical analyses and crowd wisdom insights. Building on historical data feeds, unique strategies can be formed and sold on the platform for copytrading for a monetizing of trading strategies, as demonstrated in the video below.

Signals CEO and co-founder Pavel Němec believes that the platform could play a role in spurring the development of crypto trading and widen access to automated trading:

“Since Signals enables monetizing machine learning algorithms it will accelerate the process of research and democratization of machine intelligence.”

The Signals Token Sale

The Signals platform is expected to go live as an alpha release by the end of 2017, with an initial offering of a Strategy Marketplace. Here, users will be able to use features such as indicators, data sets or lease strategies to copy trades – paying for all these with the Signals Token (SGN), the platform’s native currency.

SGN is a standard ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed as a deflationary currency, since every SGN payment on the Signals platform will also burn up a small amount of tokens.

The Signals Presale was launched on November 22, 2017, putting up approximately 2 million SGN for sale with a 30% bonus offered to all participants. Within four days of the launch, over 1.3 million SGN have been sold, raising over 900 ETH of the presale hard cap of 1,364 ETH.

The main crowdsale will be open to public in December, with a further 73 million SGN available for purchase at a base price of approximately $ 0.26.

Interested contributors may purchase SGN tokens with ETH. To sign up, they must register with a name, e-mail and an ETH wallet address, for safety and legal purposes.

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