SmartOne Marketplace Brings Lawyers to the Blockchain in Groundbreaking ICO

Place/Date: Vaduz, Liechtenstein - November 9th, 2017 at 10:38 am UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Patrick Salm, Source: SmartOne

The world’s first blockchain based marketplace for legal services SmartOne, aims to deliver access to legal services for the crypto community. Lawyers and firms will be able to offer virtual legal advice following the LEGAL token ICO beginning on the 15th of November 2017. Early participants will receive a 10% bonus during the whitelisting phase while the project advances fast into setting a new legal status quo for the blockchain.

Efficient access to the law

SmartOne aims to become the legal voice of the crypto community by undertaking research and development, publishing articles and entering into dialogue with regulators. The goal: set a new standard for the legal clarification of ICOs and blockchain-based projects worldwide.
The first step towards regulation is having access to suitable legal services. By ‘suitable’, SmartOne means services offered by lawyers who understand the blockchain and that are not charged on a timed basis. Instead, the law firms registered are prompted to automation in order to deliver their services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

LEGAL token; correcting the wrong

Without vital legal services, crypto enterprises are exposed to greater risks and are less able to engage with regulators. Consequently, it becomes difficult or even impossible for them to access the world’s financial and capital markets. In turn, this reduces funding and slows innovation.

As an experienced group of legal and crypto experts, the team at SmartOne could see that the legal industry had failed to adapt to the needs of the crypto sector, holding back this fast-moving and innovative world. By creating their LEGAL token ‘LGL’, SmartOne hopes to bridge the gap between the two and aid mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and the emergence of the crypto ecosystem.

A smart solution

SmartOne is looking to address the legal issues the cryptocurrency industry is facing today by taking an all-encompassing approach and offer access to well-designed and relevant legal services.

The LEGAL token is the backbone of the SmartOne marketplace that will help bringing the legal and crypto communities together. The SmartOne Foundation, which underpins the entire enterprise, ensures that revenues from LGL’s success are ploughed back into both the development of crypto-suitable legal services and the SmartOne protocol. This cycle means that SmartOne will continue to play a role in the innovation and development of legal services for the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.

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