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Social Reality Inc. to Digitize Dividends Releasing Them as Big Token Coins

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by Maria Konash · 5 min read
Social Reality Inc. to Digitize Dividends Releasing Them as Big Token Coins
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Social Realty Inc., a digital marketing and data management technology company set to unlock the value of personal information, now allows its shareholders reap the benefits of its Big Token blockchain product.

On September 17, 2018, Social Reality Inc. is proudly offering its shareholders the opportunity to dive into the exciting and lucrative field of blockchain technology. The company intends to offer early access to its exclusive Big Token blockchain product in lieu of a traditional dividend, giving shareholders access to both the future in cybersecurity and a financial instrument that has the potential to grow in value over both the short and long terms.

What are Dividends?

Dividends are the returns of profit a company gives to shareholders, based, generally, upon the number of shares that the owner holds. For instance, say the company decides to release one million dollars of profit back to the shareholders and there are ten thousand shares. That translates to $100 per share as a dividend. While in real life that figure is highly unlikely, it just shows how the process works.

Essence of the Blockchain

During the early millennium, cybersecurity experts started encountering a problem with properly authenticating transactions online. Many solutions were implemented, all with their own unique flaws. We all have seen the news stories concerning broken encryption, forged certificates, and who can forget email phishing?

The blockchain was designed to systematically eliminate the flaws inherent in the existing systems by incorporating decentralized and encrypted ledgers that were stored on every device connected to the network. For instance, say you received a token (data chunk) from person X and sent it on to person Y.

The ledger would be updated when you receive the chunk from person X, with the transaction confirmed once you started receiving an updated ledger from others with the entry. Then you send the chunk to person Y… the transaction is considered pending until the person supplies his own unique code and verifies the transaction. Then the ledger is updated and reflects everything that happened.

As it can be seen, everything is handled publicly. This makes it easy to track each transaction and fight back against theft/fraud. After all, there has not been a single recorded case of a blockchain being cracked since the first one was released more than a decade ago. All security issues were in the mechanisms surrounding the blockchain – something that we at Social Reality Inc. take to heart and have worked diligently to mitigate with the latest in data security implementations.

Big Token

Personal data is, possibly, the most important asset that people own having had zero control over. Companies worldwide have made fortunes collecting and selling personal information to marketing agencies, governments, researchers, and even criminals on occasion.

Big Token is designed to cut out the middleman and make it possible to determine who can buy and use personal information.

All one needs to do is create an account and connect their various social media profiles. Each connection is rewarded, helping everybody turn an instant profit. The more information is provided, the more valuable a profile becomes.

At that point, all that is needed to be done is to determine who a user will be willing to sell their data to. Companies show how much they are willing to pay in Big Tokens, and one can decide whether or not the price is fair. Thus, what once was an opaque field where people had no control has now become a transparent marketplace in which users’ personal information is treated like the valuable commodity it is.

All transactions are made to the ledger, enabling easy auditing. Since utilization of the data requires access to the chain, your information is protected against being siphoned off and utilized by unapproved actors.

Why Receive it Instead of a Regular Dividend?

Blockchain implementations are hard-coded with a maximum number of available “whole” tokens. This means once they are all distributed then no more can be made. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be broken down.

For instance, if a whole token is worth $100 and you only want to send $1 worth of token, then you can just send .01 tokens. This also means that the currency you receive will increase in value. Thus – everyone has an incentive to participate in the network and see it grow.

Whole tokens received at the start typically see an increase in value as utilization of the blockchain increases. For instance, the first major blockchain implementation, BitCoin, started off with each coin worth less than a cent. Now the value fluctuates in the several-hundred-dollar range.

User’s dividend will be the same amount, only the method of delivery will be different. Once you receive your Big Token coins, you can choose whether or not to sell them, use them to participate in the Big Token network, or simply hold onto them as another investment in your diversified portfolio.

The Future

It is Social Reality Inc.’s desire to transition to releasing dividends as Big Token coins for the foreseeable future. This will provide an incentive to utilize the platform and ensure a minimum price for the coins on an ongoing basis.

Plans may change due to regularity adjustments in the United States, though Social Reality Inc. has proactively adhered to all current and nascent legal and ethical guidelines regarding the development and distribution of modern alternative currency and data storage systems.

However, assuming everything continues as expected, the coin platform is expected to increase in value over time.

Changing the Face of Personal Information Distribution

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Baidu all make money by providing your personal information to companies. What one receives in exchange is worth vastly less in comparison. The new platform is set to eliminate this inequity by by rewarding its users for sharing information and putting them in control over who can see it.

Thanks to the blockchain, it is now possible to be certain that personal information is secure.

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