Introducing Soldreamers – The Budding Ecosystem DAO Accelerator for Solana Innovators

June 19th, 2024 at 6:42 am UTC · 3 min read

Introducing Soldreamers - The Budding Ecosystem DAO Accelerator for Solana Innovators

/Soldreamers/Soldreamers is excited to announce it’s official launch, dedicated to supporting and accelerating web3 builders and creators within the Solana ecosystem.

With an aim to create a thriving community where visionaries, developers, and entrepreneurs can come together to build the future of decentralized applications on Solana.

Soldreamers is set to operate as a DAO made up of creatives, developers, and grantees with experience in launching and growing technology businesses.

The core value proposition includes a structured learning pathway, community support, and resources for developers and web3 contributors.

These will help onboard the next 1 billion users that have been previously underserved while also giving them a platform to learn about web3 fundamentals, help build projects on Solana and also be instrumental to accelerating their growth.

Applications for the first cohort of Soldreamers ambassadors is now live, interested applicants can now apply by visiting here.

Soldreamers Mission

Soldreamers’ mission is simple, to connect our community of Solana Dreamers (enthusiasts) and startups building innovative products on Solana within a collaborative environment.

Soldreamers empowers developers and non-technical web3 contributors to turn their blockchain dreams into reality.

Core Offerings

  • Awareness and Engagement Hub: Soldreamers provide a platform for project visibility and engagement within the Solana community.

These include social media campaigns, community-driven content creation, and live-streamed project pitches to ensure that innovative ideas gain the attention they deserve.

  • Educational and Resource Access: Through workshops, tutorials, and resources focused on Solana’s technology, Soldreamers help newcomers and experienced developers alike improve their skills and understanding of blockchain possibilities and what they can build on Solana.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Guidance from experienced creative professionals and blockchain engineers to help bootstrap project development and growth.
  • Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Soldreamers offers platforms for virtual meetups, hackathons, and co-working sessions, leveraging Solana’s high-speed infrastructure to encourage real-time collaboration and innovation.

These core offerings aim to create a vibrant and supportive ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and drives the success of projects built on the Solana network.

Soldreamers first zealy campaign is set to go live and you can keep a tab on the Zealy page to be notified once it starts.

To stay up to date on the latest developments, join the Soldreamers’ Discord Community and also following us on X.

Don’t forget that Soldreamers initial ambassador application is live and you can apply here.

About Soldreamers

Soldreamers is a pioneering platform designed to support and accelerate innovative projects and creators within the Solana ecosystem.

By connecting visionaries, developers, and entrepreneurs, Soldreamers aims to build a thriving community and shape the future of decentralized applications on Solana.

Social channels: X, Discord, Telegram, Medium.



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