Spindle Project Aims to Help People Invest in Crypto Initiatives

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Spindle Project Aims to Help People Invest in Crypto Initiatives
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For those who are still afraid to join the community of crypto investors, the experts have created an investment match-making platform “Zeta”.

Though being introduced not so long ago, blockchain technology has already made a great way. Today it is actively implemented into different spheres of our life including finance, business and different industries. Nevertheless, blockchain stayed practically unnoticed by the wide audience till 2017 when we could observe a boom of ICO that has led to a global understanding of power and potential of this technology.

Blockchain was designed to change the way of conducting all the processes making them more transparent, unambiguous and understandable. Moreover, it provides reliable and accurate record-keeping. These records permanently stay unchanged. The technology has brought much power to people.

Now investments into crypto start-ups and initiatives are available for the wide audience which means that the industry has huge chances for further development and thriving. Nevertheless, people still do not have enough understanding of how it works. We always are a little bit sceptical about something new and blockchain is not an exception. People are afraid of risks that they can face with.

For experts it became clear that something should be done with a view to change a situation and to involve people into the crypto world. That’s how the idea of the SPINDLE project was born. Created by financial, banking, legacy and IT experts, the project is aimed at helping people without investment experience to understand the benefits that investment and asset management can bring them.

According to the project founders, sometimes for ordinary people it is difficult to make a conclusion whether some project or product is good or not. But Spindle Zone will provide people with special knowledge and skills to minimize the risks of investment and to get profit of the value that is created by crypto projects.

Being based on blockchain and smart contract technologies, Spindle Zone created an investment match-making platform Zeta that provides absolutely transparent, unalterable information. It keeps the records of the history, growth, profit, and performance of participants. Thanks to that function, customers can analyze these records before making investment options taking into account this information that cannot be changed.

Customers of the platform can make direct investments without involving any thirds parties. All the investments are recorded in the blockchain immediately, which means that there is no necessity to invite banks or securities companies to perform functions of middlemen.

Spindle Zone founders strongly believe that fair relations between investors and asset managers is a key to engaging potential investors to the crypto world. People should see how it is built and how everything is organized there. Transparency and reliability are the main principles that will attract people.

At the moment SPINDLE offers opportunities to invest into world’s digital currency managers, nevertheless, soon it is planned to add promising startups to the list of investment options. The main three benefits of SPINDLE are cost-savings, simplicity of participation and increased privacy. But it is not the end of the benefits.

Thanks to SPINDLE project people will be provided with an access to professional investment advice and expert opinions that can be used in a decision-taking process. Investors will have an opportunity to get recommendations on the projects to invest in, on the most appropriate time to do it and on many other aspects of investing that influence potential profits.

SPINDLE supposes that investors get satisfaction not only from profits gained but also from the feeling of self-sufficient life and experience of making the life better. And now the team is looking forward to welcoming its first investors who want to participate in the development of the project. SPINDLE crowdsale starts on April 29, 2018.

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