SPONGE Price Prediction: Can This Meme Coin Outdo DOGE and PEPE?

May 12th, 2023 at 9:52 am UTC · 4 min read

SPONGE Price Prediction: Can This Meme Coin Outdo DOGE and PEPE?

The crypto market is seeing a few tokens that are growing massively in the past few weeks, giving traders a multi-fold growth in their portfolios. Many of these are meme coins, which often see quick growth. Gone are the days of traders only making profits out of DOGE – or even PEPE, which is a more recent meme coin that exploded.

New tokens like SPONGE, which have only just hit the market, have just as much potential to have that explosive rise. The SpongeBob token has set off another mad dash by investors, who are hoping that it will provide the same level of price increase. We explain all about SPONGE and its potential here.

What Exactly Is SPONGE?

The SpongeBob token, like other meme coins, focuses more on generating hype rather than providing actual utility. Despite this, investors have shown interest in this type of token in recent times, leading to the emergence of other meme coins such as PEPE. Meme coins hold immense potential to experience sudden value surges, and as a result, many traders have added them to their portfolios in recent weeks.

Remarkably, $SPONGE generated trading volumes of almost $1 million within the first hour of trading, with the majority of market participants being buyers, indicating a robust upward momentum that is expected to persist. This is an extraordinary achievement for a coin that had only been in existence for less than two hours. However, newly-launched coins often face liquidity issues unless they receive the support of investors with significant resources.

SPONGE Price Prediction: Can This Meme Coin Outdo DOGE and PEPE?

The rise of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) as the go-to platform for launching new coins is partly due to crypto traders moving away from centralized exchanges after the FTX incident. With regulatory challenges facing major exchanges like Coinbase, more investors are opting for DEXs. Another factor contributing to the proliferation of new coins is the convenience offered by artificial intelligence, as demonstrated by the creation of Turbo Toad Token ($TURBO) in just one week using the OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT, with minimal human involvement.

$SPONGE may appeal to some investors due to the significant surge in value experienced by PEPE, which has increased massively since its launch on April 17th. This surge has added to the buzz surrounding $SPONGE, a DEX-only meme coin which in the meantime has been launched on several exchanges like MEXC Global, LBank and Bitget.

SPONGE Price Prediction

Meme coin experts suggest that $SPONGE could be a highly profitable investment, with some analysts predicting potential gains of up to 1,000 times the initial investment for early adopters. Despite its current market capitalization of just over $22 million and a fixed supply of 40.4 billion tokens, there is still an opportunity for traders and investors to invest in $SPONGE before the anticipated surge in value.

You Can Get Sponge on Uniswap

To acquire $SPONGE, interested investors can head to Uniswap, where the token was initially listed. As traders continue to invest in $SPONGE, early entry could lead to significant gains, although market participants should undertake their due diligence and be cautious of the potential hazards associated with cryptocurrency trading.

The current growth rate of over 100% suggests that market demand for the token is high, with a total supply of 40.4 billion in circulation. The transaction volume has been rising at a rapid pace, and this is expected to continue as word of the new meme coin spreads.

For more information about the SpongeBob Token, visit their website. The website also offers direct trading through the Uniswap widget. Additionally, the $SPONGE Twitter account may provide updates on future developments.

As a new token, there is potential for further growth for SPONGE, which could result in more gains for traders. It is currently being discussed in the crypto community, with some speculating whether it can surpass the success of PEPE. The current momentum suggests that this may indeed be the case.


Meme coins are not going anywhere, that’s for sure. It’s all that anyone is talking about and that’s because they are offering utility alongside the fact that they tend to spike during bull runs. With the crypto market looking good for the next few months, meme coins like SPONGE have all the potential to become major tokens.

If you enjoy meme coins and are looking for another to add to your collection, perhaps it’s worth checking this token out. The presale is currently going on at the moment, so there’s no better time to do so.

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