Stankevicius MGM is the Largest Article Publisher for ICOs on Entrepreneur Magazine

May 4th, 2018 at 7:38 pm UTC · 4 min read

Covering top-tier magazines has become a key selling point for every agency. Magazines like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Inc., have been among popular ones for featuring ICO companies.

However, one magazine does stand out which appears to be in most of the ICOs website’s press section – the Entrepreneur magazine. Entrepreneur is a top-tier American magazine with over 40 million monthly views. Entrepreneur is for entrepreneurs, career builders, and innovative businesses.

More than half of the existing ICOs which are mentioned in Entrepreneur comes from one source – Stankevicius MGM, ICO management consulting firm with particular focus on PR and crypto capital investments.

Why top-tier magazines are important for ICOs?

  1. Helps to draw audience from around the world by article driven traffic
  2. Helps to attract early investors by showing that ICO is well-known and recognized
  3. Distinguish from scam by investing personal assets for advertising

Investors should take ICOs more seriously with strong press recognition

Many ICO companies work hard for communication and marketing efforts by pitching ideas to leading media channels; however, pitching is tough which requires extreme selling ability and steady persistence. A lot of ICOs do get featured and mentioned in the leading magazines because they succeed in pitching, however the majority of ICOs which is about 70%, actually spend money to get featured.

Why is this important? Because real companies with real goals and actual beliefs, do spend a lot of money on advertising because they have to compete in a very tough market. Some may say that organic growth is the way to make it real, and it’s true, organic growth is for real and strong competitors, but advertorial growth is for dominators and market leaders.

Fortune 500 companies spend massive amounts of capital for advertising.

Advertising the is most expensive matter in business development and market acquisitions because only by advertising companies can reach the maximum amount of audience, and then it’s up to the audience to decide whether the company is good or not. Advertising is about boosting your way up to reach as many people as possible in a short period.

Few things to note is that scam ICOs would never invest in hard-core advertising. They might spend to get published on average crypto media site, but they would not go for top-tier promotion, because the risk of running an unsuccessful scam ICO is big but amateur investors still can’t distinguish real ICOs from the fraud.

According to Stankevicius MGM, which analyzes ICO companies on a daily basis for investment portfolios, incredibly large number of ICOs listed on rating websites are not worthy of investment and are a scam.

“If you look at the ICOs which close hard cap within a matter of days or even hours, you can see in their press section that they have invested tons of capital in advertising by getting featured in the most expensive leading media channels in the world. Our company is one, of the pushers which pushes ICOs to the top just because we provide them exclusive media placements.” – says Paulius Stankevicius, CEO of Stankevicius MGM.

Whether it’s an organic growth or advertorial growth, the bottom line for every ICO is that time is limited, competition is fierce, technology develops too fast, and there is huge lack of professionals who can keep up with the speed of the frequent industry changes. It is essential to put everything you got including people skills and capital to make an ICO a successful project by reaching the hard cap.

Stankevicius MGM invites ICOs, founders, CXOs and marketing managers to connect for a free consultation regarding ICO management, public relations, and advertising.