Fintech Unicorn Stash Launches New Crypto Offering in Conjunction with Apex Crypto

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Fintech Unicorn Stash Launches New Crypto Offering in Conjunction with Apex Crypto
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The latest Stash crypto offering is the second milestone by the fintech player within the digital currency space.

Fintech unicorn Stash is pushing deeper into the crypto space by launching eight new offerings. According to reports, the company is providing access for its customers to trade eight of the largest digital currencies. In order to facilitate its latest crypto venture, Stash will set up a separate account dedicated to the feature. In addition, the fintech unicorn is partnering with infrastructure provider Apex Crypto to bring its plan to fruition.

BTC, Ether to Feature in New Stash Crypto Offering

According to a press release, the Apex Crypto-powered investments will include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Furthermore, the company’s press statement also reads:

“These offerings are in service of guiding customers to thoughtful investment decisions and empowering them to easily achieve their long-term financial goals, all while gaining exposure to a new asset class.”

Brandon Krieg, co-founder and chief executive officer of Stash, also echoed some of the messages in the fintech’s press statement. According to Krieg:

“Stashers are intrigued by crypto and we are here to help them as a trusted partner. We built this feature the ‘Stash Way’. By design, our platform educates our customers, not just with content but also with built-in guardrails that aim to align with their best interests as they embark on their crypto investing journey.”

Operational Details of the Stash Services

Stash’s latest crypto endeavor includes vetting and a new crypto calculator tool. This is to help customers build and maintain a balanced portfolio based on their current investments. The operational process of transactions includes screens that remind customers of crypto volatility and transaction fee displays. In addition, customers will also receive in-app alerts whenever their portfolio gains too much crypto exposure in relation to their risk profile. These customers will also be privy to a host of educational source materials in various media formats.

Commenting on Stash’s well-detailed suite of services in its latest crypto offering, Apex Crypto CEO Rachel Saunders had nothing but praise. In Saunders’ own words:

“[Stash is] making it easier and more affordable for Americans to grow their wealth with a personalized in-app experience, plus content and education.”

In addition, Saunders also stated that Apex Crypto is thrilled to help [Stash] make crypto investing opportunities available to customers.

Stash’s latest crypto launch is the second crypto-driven initiative from the fintech unicorn. Earlier in the year, the leading tech-oriented company established its fully-managed Smart Portfolio accounts. More than half a million people enlisted for the account, which makes it Stash’s most successful launch till date.

Despite its considerable strides in the crypto space, Stash does not yet have a dedicated wallet service for its customers. However, company chief investment officer Doug Feldman suggested that Stash may launch a crypto wallet service in the future.

As a pioneering fintech platform, Stash has approximately $3 billion in assets under management (AUM). The company also has more than 2 million active customers.

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